Quote/s of the Day – 12 July – ‘Cultivate serious study!’

Quote/s of the Day – 12 July – “Month of the Most Precious Blood” – The Fifteenth Sunday of the Year in Ordinary Time, Year A, Readings: Isaiah 55:10-11, Psalm 65:10-14, Romans 8:18-23, Matthew 13:1-23

“Not on bread alone
is man to live
but on every utterance
that comes from the mouth of God.”

Matthew 4:4

matthew-4-4- not on bread alone is man to live - 13 july 2017 - mem of st henry

“As for what was sown on good soil,
this is the one who hears the word
and understands it.
He indeed bears fruit and yields,
in one case a hundredfold,
in another sixty and in another thirty.”

Matthew 13:23

matthew 13 23 - as for what was sown on good soil - 12 july 2020

“Those who are my sheep
hear my voice
and follow me”

John 10:27

john 10 27 those who are my sheep hear my voice and follow me 12 july 2020

“For he knows that Scripture, as a whole,
is God’s one perfect and complete instrument,
giving forth, to those who wish to learn,
it’s one saving music…”

Origen (c 185-253)
Theologian, Father of the Church

scripture as a whole is god's one perfect - origen 12 july 2020

“The Church is the Ship
outside which
it is impossible to understand
the Divine Word,
for Jesus spoke from the boat
to the people gathered
on the shore.”

St Hilary of Poitiers
Father & Doctor of the Church

the-church-is-the-ship-outside-of-which-st-hilary-divine-word-13-jan-2020 and 12 july 2020

“We speak to God when we pray,
we listen to Him,
when we read the Scriptures.”

St Ambrose (340-397)
Father and Doctor of the Church

we speak to god when we pry - st ambrose 12 july 2020

“Ignorance of Scripture
is ignorance of Christ.”

ignorance-of-the-scriptures-is-ignorance-of-christ-st-jerome-30-sep-2018 and 2019

“Let sleep find you holding your Bible
and when your head nods,
let it be resting on the sacred page.”

St Jerome (343-420)
Father and Doctor of the Church

let sleep find you holding your bible - st jerome 12 july 2020

“We truly seize Christ
if our minds grasp the Word.”

St Augustine (354-430)
Father & Doctor of the Church

Sermons on the Gospel of John, no 48, 9-11we truly seize christ if our minds grasp the word st augustine 12 july 2020

“The Holy Bible is like a mirror before our mind’s eye.
In it we see our inner face.
From the Scriptures we can learn
our spiritual deformities and beauties.
And there too we discover the progress we are making
and how far we are from perfection.”

St Pope Gregory the Great (540-604)
Father and Doctor of the Church

the holy bible is like a mirror - st gregory he great

“When it comes to obeying the commandments
or enduring adversity,
the words uttered by the Father
should always echo in our ears –
“This is my Son, the beloved,
in whom I am well pleased,
listen to Him.”

St Pope Leo the Great (400-461)
Father and Doctor of the Church

when-it-comes-to-obeying-the-commandments-st-pope-leo-the-great-10-june-2020 and 12 july 2020

“The grain of mustard seed is the Lord,
who by faith is sown spiritually
in the hearts of those who accept Him.
… For it is written,
“The word is very near to you,
in your mouth and in your heart” (Rm 10:8),
that is, the word of faith, Christ,
being Himself, the word that is sought.”

St Maximus the Confessor (c 580-662)
Monk and Theologian

Second Century on Theology, nos. 10-11, 35

mark 4 30-31 the grain of mustard seed is the lord - st maximus 31 jan 2020 to what shall I compare

“Always give good heed to the Word of God,
whether you hear or read it in private,
or hearken to it when publicly preached.
Listen with attention and reverence,
seek to profit by it
and do not let the precious words fall unheeded
but receive them into your heart.”

St Francis de Sales (1567-1622)
Doctor caritatis

always-give-good-heed-to-the-word-of-god-st-francis-de-sales-16-feb-2020 and 12 july 2020

“Cultivate serious study!
Sacred scripture says,
‘Because you have despised wisdom,
I will despise you’.”

St Joseph Freinademetz SVD (1852-1908)

cultivate serious study! St Joseph freinademetz 12 july 2020



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