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Tuesday of the Third/Gaudete Week of Advent – 13 December

Tuesday of the Third/Gaudete Week of Advent – 13 December

“Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare your praise.”

Daily Meditation:

On that day, you need not be ashamed
of all your deeds, your rebellious actions against me.

The Lord’s coming promises us a time
when we need not fear. It will indeed be a time
of purifying, a time of humility and trust in God.
We ask for the grace to be like the child
whose mind is changed and says, “Yes”
to our Lord’s call.

Come, O Lord, do not delay;
forgive the sins of your people.

Closing Prayer:

Lord of such compassionate wisdom,
How often do I exalt myself and ignore You?
I look over the heads of my more humble brothers and sisters,
not seeing how they rely on You so much more than I do.
Help me to learn from them to make You
the center of my life.

You invite me to not be ashamed of what I have done in my life,
but instead offer me a refuge.

Let me call out to You; hear me:
Give me the grace to see those around me who are brokenhearted.
Guide me in staying with them in their sorrows.
I ask for the courage to help them in all the ways they need it
and to be Your servant on this earth.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel!

May the Lord bless us,
protect us from all evil
and bring us to everlasting life.


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Thought for the Day – 13 December

Thought for the Day – 13 December

Lucy’s feast comes during Advent, when we wait for the coming of Christ, the Light of the World.   It is said that our eyes are the windows into our souls. There is physical blindness and there is also inner blindness. I often wonder how many opportunities I have missed or have been blind to when it comes to being an instrument of Christ’s light for others. In a world filled with the darkness of greed, selfishness and individualism, light is needed and we have been given the wonderful challenge to be that light for others. Stamping out the darkness that surrounds and envelops our world by courageously standing up for our faith would result in a world of brilliant Christ-light!

St Lucy is a genuine, authentic heroine, first class, an abiding inspiration for all Christians. The moral courage of the young Sicilian martyr shines forth as a guiding light, just as bright for today’s youth as it was in A.D. 304.

St Lucy Pray for us!



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One Minute Reflection – 13 December

One Minute Reflection – 13 December

Be on your guard,
stand firm in the faith,
be courageous, be strong…..1 Cor 16:13

REFLECTION – “If you were to lift my hand to your idol and so make me offer against my will, I would still be guiltless in the sight of the true God, who judges according to the will and knows all things. If now, against my will, you cause me to be polluted, a twofold purity will be gloriously imputed to me. You cannot bend my will to your purpose; whatever you do to my body, that cannot happen to me.”……….St Lucy (Saint of the Day)

PRAYER – Father in heaven, teach me to store up a treasury of merits for eternity. Grant that I may use this earthly life to be person You want me to be. St Lucy, pray for us that we too may chieve courage and true love for God, that we may become lights of love in this world and thus obtain the crown of glory for all eternity. Amen



Our Morning Offering – 13 December

Our Morning Offering – 13 December

Lord Jesus Christ,
by Your patience in suffering
You made holy earthly pain
and gave us the example
of obedience to Your Father’s will:
Be near me
in the trials of my day
and in time of weakness;
sustain me by Your grace,
that my strength and courage
may not fail;
bless me according to Your will;
and help me always to believe
that what happens to me here
is of little account
if You hold me in eternal life,
my Lord and my God. Amen.

Book of Common Prayer, 1979, adapted


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Saint of the Day – 13 December

Saint of the Day – 13 December – St Lucy/Lucia of Syracuse  (c 283-304) Virgin and Martyr – Patron of the blind, eye disorders, martyrs; Perugia, Italy; Malta; epidemics; salesmen, Syracuse, Italy, throat infections, writers,  against fire, against poverty, against spiritual blindness,  peasants, penitent prostitutes, poor people, sick children, authors, cutlers, farmers, glass blowers, glass makers, glaziers, labourers, lawyer,• maid servants, notaries, ophthalmologists, opticians, porters, printers, saddler,• sailors, salesmen, seamstresses, stained glass workers, tailors, upholsterers, weavers and 10 further towns and cities

All that is really known for certain of Lucy is that she was a martyr in Syracuse during the Diocletianic Persecution of 304 AD. Her veneration spread to Rome and by the 6th century to the whole Church. The oldest archaeological evidence comes from the Greek inscriptions from the catacombs of St. John in Syracuse.

St Lucy was born in Sicily and died during the persecution of Diocletian. The fact that she is still mentioned in the first Eucharistic Prayer of the Mass shows the great respect that the Church has for her.  One story about Lucy is that she is said to have made a vow to remain unmarried. When the man to whom she was engaged found out, he turned her in as a Christian. She was tortured but remained faithful to Jesus Christ. She was executed in Syracuse (Sicily) in the year 304. But it is also true that her name is mentioned in the First Eucharistic Prayer, geographical places are named after her, a popular song has her name as its title and down through the centuries many thousands of little girls have been proud of the name Lucy.

One can easily imagine what a young Christian woman had to contend with in pagan Sicily in the year 300. If you have trouble imagining, just glance at today’s pleasure-at-all-costs world and the barriers it presents against leading a good Christian life.

Her friends must have wondered aloud about this hero of Lucy’s, an obscure itinerant preacher in a far-off captive nation that had been destroyed more than 200 years before. Once a carpenter, He had been crucified by the Roman soldiers after his own people turned Him over to the Roman authorities. Lucy believed with her whole soul that this man had risen from the dead. Heaven had put a stamp on all He said and did. To give witness to her faith she had made a vow of virginity.

What a hubbub this caused among her pagan friends! The kindlier ones just thought her a little strange. To be pure before marriage was an ancient Roman ideal, rarely found but not to be condemned. To exclude marriage altogether, however, was too much. She must have something sinister to hide, the tongues wagged.

Lucy knew of the heroism of earlier virgin martyrs in particular St Agatha to whom she prayed for intercession. She remained faithful to their example and to the example of the carpenter, whom she knew to be the Son of God.

Video – Apostleship of Prayer –


Images -1- PAOLO VERONESE; -FRANCISCO DE ZURBARAN; 3-SASSOFERATO; 4-ZAGANELLI; Sts Lucia & Agatha, last pic – St Lucy receives her final Holy Communion (detail)

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Saints for 13 December

St Lucy of Syracuse (Memorial)
St Antiochus of Sulci
Bl Antonio Grassi
St Aristone
St Arsenius of Latro
St Aubert of Arras
Bl Bartholomew of Tuscany
BL Costanza Starace
St Edburgh of Lyminge
St Einhildis of Hohenburg
Bl Elizabeth Rose
St Jodocus
BL John Marinoni
St Martino de Pomar
St Odilia of Alsace
St Roswinda
St Tassio of Bavaria
St Wifred
Blessed Mercedarian Knights – (7 beati)
Martyrs of Jeongju – (6 saints)
Martyrs of Sebaste – (5 saints)