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Monday of the Fourth Week of Advent – 19 December 2016

Monday of the Fourth Week of Advent

“Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare your praise.”

Daily Meditation:

But now you will be speechless and unable to talk
until the day these things take place,
because you did not believe my words,
which will be fulfilled at their proper time.

In Zechariah’s story we see how “unable to speak” we become
when we do not believe God’s words of promise to us.
Let us trust that nothing is impossible with God.
Today, let’s look at the ways we are being invited
to be open, to surrender, to trust, to love.
Let us become instruments of God’s plan
in ways we might least expect.

My mouth shall be filled with your praise and I will sing your glory! Ps. 71

Closing Prayer:

Oh, Jesus who descended from Jesse,
You are a sign of God’s love.
I feel hopeful and expectant,
filled with a rebirth of joy and love.

I depend on You so much.
You are a rock for my belief
and a sign of God’s love.

Fill me with Your praise!
I want to sing Your glory,
filled with joy
for the message of hope You send.

I don’t always understand
when You are acting on my behalf.
Thank You for the message of hope You send me.
Give me true faith and love
as I celebrate the mystery
of how You came to be with us.

May the Lord bless us,
protect us from all evil
and bring us to everlasting life.



Christmas Novena to the Christ Child

Christmas Novena to the Christ Child
DAY FOUR – 19 December

The Life Of Humiliation Which Jesus Led From His Birth.

O Dearest Saviour,
You have embraced so many outrages for love of me, yet I have not been able to bear one word of insult without at once being filled with resentful thought, I who have so often deserved to be trodden under foot by the demons in hell! I am ashamed to appear before You, sinful and proud as I am. Yet do not drive me from Thy presence, O Lord, even though that is what I deserve. You have said that You will not spurn a contrite and humbled heart. I am sorry for the offenses I have committed against You. Forgive me, O Jesus. I will not offend You again.

For love of me You hast bore so many injuries; for love of You I will bear all the injuries that are done to me. I love You, Jesus, who was despised for love of me. I love You above every other good. Give me the grace to love You always and to bear every insult for love of You.

O Mary, recommend me to your Son; pray to Jesus for me. Amen


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Thought for the Day – 19 December

Thought for the Day – 19 December

In a very short pontificate – just around 4 years – St Pope Anastasius I faced two big problems.  The first was Origen and the second the Donatists.  He dealt with them both effectively by conference with his brother Bishops, to confirm his own understanding.

It is not unlike the situations we ourselves face on a daily basis, living as we do in a secular society.  And how do we resolve such issues – we are not all theologians/apologists or debaters?

We have everything we need in the Catechism of the Catholic Church – every single answer is there!  Do you own a copy?  It should be by now rather well-worn!

St Pope Anastasius I Pray for us!

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One Minute Reflection – 19 December

One Minute Reflection – 19 December

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, [then] I will enter his house and dine with him and he with me……Rv 3:20

REFLECTION – “Speak to Jesus and you will give joy to His heart.
Your own heart will open up to the ray
of this Sun of Goodness, like humid
and chilled flowers on a spring morning”…………St Peter Julian Eymard

PRAYER – Lord Jesus, let me learn to open the door to my heart to You and speak with You daily. Let me be inundated with the warmth of Your love and direction so that I may follow You more closely every day. Let me live only Your truth dear Lord and follow the teachings of Your Church as St Pope Anastasius I did, whom I ask for intercession in prayer. Amen


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Our Morning Offering – 19 December

Our Morning Offering – 19 December

Morning Prayer of St. Alphonsus Liguori

My most sweet Lord,
I offer and consecrate to You this morning
all that I am and have:
my senses,
my thoughts,
my affections,
my desires,
my pleasures,
my inclinations,
my liberty.
In a word,
I place my whole body
and soul
in Your hands.


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Saint of the Day – 19 December

Saint of the Day – 19 December – St Pope Anastasius I – (Papacy began 399-401 his death on 19 December)

Pope St. Anastasius I was elect the 39th Pope in 399. He was born in Rome, the son of Maximus. He condemned the writings of the Alexandrian theologian Origen shortly after their translation into Latin. He fought against these writings throughout his papacy, and in 400 he called a council to discuss them. The council agreed that Origen was not faithful to the Catholic Church.

‘If Origen has put forth any other writings, you are to know that they and their author are alike condemned by me.
The Lord have you in safe keeping, my lord and brother deservedly held in honour.’ — letter to Simplicianus,

During his reign he also encouraged Catholics in North Africa to fight Donatism.

He instructed priests to stand and bow their head as they read from the gospels.

Among his friends were Augustine, Jerome, and Paulinus. Jerome speaks of him as a man of great holiness who was rich in his poverty.

He died in Rome and was eventually buried in the Catacomb of Pontian together with his son, who would be Pope Innocent I, a unique case of a Pope being succeeded by his son.

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Saints for 19 December

St Anastasius I, Pope
St Augustine Moi Van Nguyen
St Avitus of Micy
Bl Berengar of Banares
Bernard Valeara of Teramo
Bl Bogumila Noiszewska
St Boniface of Cilicia
Bl Cecilia of Ferrara
St Dominic Uy Van Bui
St Fausta of Sirmium
St Gregory of Auxerre
St Jaume Boguñá Casanovas
St Johannes Gogniat
St Jordi Sampé Tarragó
St Josep Albareda Ramoneda
Bl Kazimiera Wolowska
Bl Konrad Liechtenau
St Manirus of Scotland
St Meuris of Alexandria
St Nemesius of Alexandria
St Phanxicô Xaviê Hà Trong Mau
St René Dubroux
Ribert of Saint-Oyend
St Stêphanô Nguyen Van Vinh
St Thea of Alexandria
St Timothy the Deacon
St Tôma Nguyen Van Ðe
Bl Pope Urban V
Bl William of Fenoli
Blessed Mercedarian Fathers – (6 beati)
Martyrs of Nicaea – (4 saints)
Martyrs of Nicomedia – (5 saints)