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Thought for the Day – 18 December

Thought for the Day – 18 December

St Winebald was strongly influenced by his father, St Ruchard and his brother, St Willibald.  Sometimes sanctity runs in the family and the encouragement that the family members receive from one another is a large part of their holiness.  Let us keep in mind that those we associate with have a powerful influence on our personality and our character.  Yesterday on the Memorial of St Olympias, we saw the amazing strength and support she supplied to one of our greatest Saints – Chrysostum – the proof is in the associate – be they family or friend!

St Winebald Pray for us!


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One Minute Reflection – 18 December

One Minute Reflection – 18 December

We walk by faith, not by sight……….2 Cor 5:7

REFLECTION – ‘Faith is like a bright ray of sunlight.

It enables us to see God in all things as well as all things in God”………St Francis de Sales

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, help me to shine the spotlight of Your faith on the world I live in.  Grant that I may see You everywhere and serve You in everything.  Help me to walk by Faith alone, as your saints did, as St Winibald walked forth into strange lands to spread your light! St Winibald Pray for us! Amen


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Our Morning Offering – 18 December

Our Morning Offering – 18 December

O God of love,

You are and shall be forever

the only delight of my heart

and the sole object of my affections.

Since Jesus said “Ask and you shall receive”;

I do not hesitate to say,

‘Give me Your love and Your grace’,

grant that I may love You and be loved by You.

I want nothing else.


by St Alphonsus Liguori


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Saint of the Day – 18 December

Saint of the Day – 18 December – St Winebald of Heidenheim (c701-761)- (also called Winebaldus, Winnibald, Wunebald, Wunibald, Wynbald, Wynnebald, Vunibaldo, Vinebaldo) – Benedictine Abbot and Missionary – Patron of construction workers and • engaged couples

St Winebald is one of those amazing English missionaries who evangelized Europe, leaving behind a flourishing Catholicism and a number of monasteries and laying the beginnings of Christianity in what is now Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

St. Winebald was the son of a West Saxon nobleman, St. Richard and the brother of St. Willibald. With his father and brother he made a pilgrimage to Rome in 721. His father died in Italy and Winebald remained in Rome for further study, like his countrymen before him, St. Wilfrid and St. Benedict Biscop. He returned to England and brought back to Rome some of his relatives to begin a monastic life in the holy city.

When St. Boniface came to Rome in 739, he recruited Winebald for the German missions, ordained him a priest, and put him in charge of churches in Germany and Bavaria. His brother, Willibald, who was now bishop of Eichstatt, asked Winebald to found a monastery for the training of priests and as a centre of learning. Their sister, St. Walburga, came from England to found a convent and both the monastery and the convent were founded at Heidenheim.
He established the rule of St. Benedict in his monastery and Heidenheim became an important center of learning in the missionary territory. Because of illness, Winebald was not able to carry on the missionary work that he desired and yearned to end his days at Monte Cassino.

In 76, Winebald visited St. Boniface’s shrine at Fulda and on the way home to Heidenheim became very sick. When he reached Heidenheim, he became weaker and weaker and after giving his monks a few last words he died on December 18, 761. His tomb became a local shrine and the site of pilgrimages and miracles – to this day!



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Saints for 18 December

Our Lady of the Expectation – This Feast originated in Spain. When the feast of the Annunciation (25 March) was transferred to 18 December because of the regulation forbidding feasts in Lent, it remained on this date after the Annunciation was again celebrated on its original date. It impressed on the faithful the sentiments of the Blessed Virgin as the time of her delivery approached.
St Auxentius of Mopsuetia
St Basilian of Laodicea
St Bodagisil of Aquitaine
St Desiderius of Fontenelle
Bl Eugenio Cernuda Febrero
St Flannán of Killaloe
St Gatianus of Tours
Bl Giulia Valle
St Malachi the Prophet
St Mawnan of Cornwall
Bl Miguel San Román Fernández
St Phaolô Nguyen Van My
St Phêrô Truong Van Ðuong
St Phêrô Vu Van Truat
Bl Philip of Ratzeburg
St Rufus of Philippi
St Samthann of Clonbroney
St Theotimus of Laodicea
St Winebald of Heidenheim
St Zosimus of Philippi

Martyrs of Northwest Africa – 42 saints
Mercedarian Redeemers – 6 beati – These are a group of Mercedarian friars who worked together, under the leadership of Saint Peter de Amer, to ransom (e.g., redeem) prisoners and minister to them after.

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The Fourth Sunday of Advent – 18 December 2016

The Fourth Sunday of Advent – 18 December 2016

“Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare your praise.”

Perhaps we can use these days to try to heighten our awareness of whatever is going on in our lives these days and how that can bring us to Christmas. Some examples might help.

So many of us experience the ironic reality that Christmas can be the most lonely time of our lives. Some of these “mixed feelings” or “sad feelings” are difficult to recognize or name.

For some of us, the Christmas we will celebrate this year pales in comparison to wonderful Christmases of our past – perhaps because we were younger or more “innocent” then, perhaps because some of our loved ones who were central to our Christmas are no longer living or not where I am, perhaps because the burdens and struggles of my life or the changes in our world and the war have robbed this Christmas of something that was there before.

For some of us, Christmas will be just another day. Unable to get out to go to church to be with a faith community and without family or friends to be with, Christmas will be a day we are tempted to ignore.

For some of us, Christmas inevitably means family conflicts. Facing the days ahead, whether it be the last few remaining parties, or conflicting demands of family and friends, or the friend or relative who drinks too much, or the experience I’m having that I drink too much and this season is an easy excuse.

For some of us, Christmas challenges us with terrible financial burdens. Children today become victims of the gross commercial exploitation of the day. For those of us struggling to make ends meet on a day to day basis, feeling the cultural pressure of buying for our children things which we can’t afford, can lead us to put more debt on the credit card in ways that simply push us further and further behind.

Some of us, might be really looking forward to Christmas and not be aware of these struggles with Christmas, yet feel that, in spite of our best efforts to make Advent different this year, there is still something missing and we still feel unready for Christmas.

For all of us, the story behind these days can draw us in and invite us to bring our lives to the mystery of how Jesus came into this world and why. Our best preparation for the Holy Night ahead and the Joyful Morning to follow is for us to reflect upon how He came. He came in the midst of scandal and conflict. He came in poverty. He was rejected before He was born. He was born in a feed trough. He was hunted down. And He grew up in obscurity.

He did not shun our world and its poverty and conflict. He embraced it. And hHe desires to embrace us today, in this day. Right where we are. Right where we are feeling most distant. Right were we are feeling least “religious” or “ready.” If we let Him come into our hearts to be our Saviour these challenging days, we will find ourselves entering the sacred night and morning of Christmas “joyful and triumphant” as never before.  And, are you tired of hearing this because you don’t know how to open the door to Him. JUST ASK HIM!  Just pray to Him in your own simple words “Come Lord show me, come Lord teach me, come Lord push the door open Yourself!” – and I find the best way is in Eucharistic Adoration and in prayer after Holy Communion – Come Lord, stay with me!

Come, Lord Jesus. Come and visit your people.
We await your coming. Come, O Lord.



Christmas Novena to the Christ Child – Day Three – 18 December

Christmas Novena to the Christ Child


The Life Of Poverty Which Jesus Led From His Birth

O Dear Infant Jesus, how could I be so ungrateful and offend You so often, if I realised how much You have suffered for me? But these tears which You shed, , this poverty which You embrace for love of me, makes me hope for the pardon of all the offenses I have committed against You.

My Jesus, I am sorry for having so often turned my back on You. But now I love Thee above all else. “My God and my all!”
From now on You, O my God, shall be my only treasure and my only good. With Saint Ignatius of Loyola I will say to You, “Give me the grace to love You; that is enough for me.” I long for nothing else; I want nothing else. You alone are enough for me, my Jesus, my life, my love.

O Mary, my Mother, obtain for me the grace that I may always love Jesus and always be loved by Him. Amen.