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Thought for the Day – 23 December

Thought for the Day – 23 December

St John of Kanty is a typical saint: He was kind, humble and generous, he suffered opposition and led an austere, penitential life. Most Christians in an affluent society can understand all the ingredients except the last: Anything more than mild self-discipline seems reserved for athletes and ballet dancers. Perhaps we will realise that Christmas is a good time at least to reject self-indulgence.  And do it for the salvation of YOUR SOUL and NOT for the size of your hips!

St John of Kanty, Pray for us!



One Minute Reflection – 23 December

One Minute Reflection – 23 December

On coming into the world, Jesus said ….. “”For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me” (John 6:38).   By one offering He has forever perfected those who are being sanctified.

REFLECTION – Jesus Christ, the God-Man, was born in a manger and is spiritually reborn on the altar.  He suffered on Calvary and continues to offer Himself on the altar.

In His earthly life He spread His teaching and worked miracles among the crowds.  In the Eucharist, He spans the centuries and communicates Himself to all………..St John Chrysostum.

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, in contemplating the birth of Your Son in time and in the Eucharist, may I ever attain a new birth.  May I through love of You, give my all to my neighbour in true charity.  Help me to learn from St John of Kanty to live in humility and whom we ask for intercession. St John of Kanty, Pray for us! Amen


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Our Morning Offering – 23 December

Our Morning Offering – 23 December

We love You, O God
and desire to love You more and more.
Grant that we may love You
as we wish to love You
and as we should love You.
O dearest Friend who has loved us
so deeply and redeemed us;
come and take Your place in our hearts.
Watch over our lips, our steps and our deeds
and we no longer fear for soul and body.
Yes, give us love, most precious of gifts,
which knows no enemies.
Give our hearts that pure love borne of
our love for us, that we may love others
as You love us.
O most loving Father of Jesus Christ
from whom all love flows, grant that our hearts,
frozen in sin and grown cold toward You,
may be warmed in the divine glow.
Help and bless us in your Son.
Excerpt from a Prayer of St Anselm of Canterbury


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Saint of the Day – 23 December

Saint of the Day – 23 December – St John of Kanty/Cantius (1390-1473) Priest/Theologian/Teacher/Confessor/Philosopher – Patron of Poland and Lithuania and various Universities.

He was born in Kęty, a small town near Oświęcim, Poland, to Stanisław and Anna Kanty. He attended the Kraków Academy at which he attained bachelor, and licentiate. In 1418 he became a Doctor of Philosophy. Upon graduation he spent the next three years conducting philosophy classes at the university, while preparing for the priesthood. Upon his ordination, he became rector at the school of the Canons Regular of the Most Holy Sepulcher in Miechow.[2] While there, he was offered a professorship of Sacrae Scripturae (Sacred Scripture) back at his alma mater, the Kraków Academy, which would later be named the Jagiellonian University. He attained a doctorate in theology and eventually became director of the theology department. He held the professorship until his death in 1473. John spent many hours copying manuscripts of the Holy Scriptures, theological tracts, and other scholarly works.
In physics, he helped develop Jean Buridan’s theory of impetus, which anticipated the work of Galileo and Newton.
During his time in Kraków, John Kanty became well known in the city for his generosity and compassion toward the poor, especially needy students at the university. He subsisted on what was strictly necessary to sustain his life, giving alms regularly to the poor.

He was a serious man and a good teacher. He ate no meat, slept on the floor, and rested little. Though John was hard on himself, he was patient and kind to his students, who loved him in return. Some jealous faculty members, however, had him removed. John was sent to do parish work, but he was not acquainted with such duties. Although the people liked him for his generous and energetic spirit, John was not successful as a parish priest.

John returned to the university to teach Scripture. The material he taught was not remembered as much as his holiness. He was known everywhere for his humility and spontaneous generosity. He gave everything to people who were poor and kept only the clothes he most needed. Four times he made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, carrying his luggage on his back. When John died at age 83, people had already claimed him as a saint


Tomb of Saint John Cantius
Church of St. Anne, Kraków, Poland

John of Kanty/Cantius was beatified in Rome by Pope Clement X on 28 March 1676. He was named patron of Poland and Lithuania by Pope Clement XII in the year 1737.[3] Ninety-one years after his beatification, Blessed John Cantius was canonized on 16 July 1767, by Pope Clement XIII.

The Roman Breviary distinguishes him with three hymns; he is the only confessor not a bishop who has been given this honour in the Roman Catholic liturgy.

St. John Cantius is a popular saint in Poland. A number of churches and schools founded by Polish diaspora communities throughout North America are named in his honour, in cities as far-ranging as Cleveland, Ohio; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Rolling Prairie, Indiana, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; St. Cloud, Minnesota; Wilno, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Erie, and Windber, Pennsylvania; New York City and Buffalo, New York.

“John Cantius” has been used as a first and middle name—see, for example, John Cantius Garand.

In 1998, a new religious institute was founded, based in Chicago, which took St. John Cantius as their patron saint. Thus they are the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius.


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Saints for 23 December

St John of Kanty/Cantius (Optional Memorial)
St Antonio of Saint Anne
St Besa of Egypt
Bl Bincema
St Dagobert II of Austrasia
Bl Epifanio Gómez Alvaro
St Frithbert of Hexham
Bl Hartmann of Brixen
Bl Herman of Scheda
Bl James Aymerich
St John Cirita
St John Stone
St Joseph Cho Yun-ho
St Mardonius of Rome
St Mazota of Abernethy
St Migdonius of Rome
St Nicolás Factor-Estaña
St Servulus of Rome
St Thorlac Thorhallsson
St Victoria
St Vintila of Orensee

Martyred Dominicans of Santander – (9 beati)
Martyrs of Crete – (10 saints)

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Thursday of the Fourth Week of Advent – 22 December 2016

Thursday of the Fourth Week of
Advent – 22 December 2016

“Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare your praise.”

Daily Meditation:

And Mary said: “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord;
my spirit rejoices in God, my saviour.”

Mary’s response (the Gospel) based upon Hannah’s prayer
(Responsorial Psalm) can be our prayer today.
Our anticipation of the coming of our Lord into our hearts grows
as we praise God for coming to us in our lowliness.

My heart exults in the Lord, my saviour.

Closing Prayer:
Oh, king of us all.
I find myself standing before
Your strength and splendour
watching, waiting
and filled with total joy.

You have lifted my mind in hope.
Now help me to open my life
to Your coming..

I want to be like Mary, Your mother.
Her wonderful courage and strength
inspire me to do the same.
She simply said Yes
and the impossible was done.

Thank You for this Advent journey.
The anticipation has filled my life
and made me long for
a closer relationship with You.

My life gets so busy that I forget to focus.
Thank You for guidance.
Thank You for the quiet moments
when I have felt Your love.

Nothing will be impossible with God.

Guide my feet on the way of peace.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel!

May the Lord bless us,
protect us from all evil
and bring us to everlasting life.



Christmas Novena to the Christ Child

Christmas Novena to the Christ Child
Day Seven
Flight Of The Child Jesus Into Egypt.

Dear Infant Jesus, crying so bitterly! Yes, You have reason to weep in seeing Yourself persecuted by men whom You love so much. I, too, O God, have once persecuted You by my sins. But You know that now I love You more than myself and that nothing pains me more than the thought that I have so often spurned You, my sovereign Good.

Forgive me, O Jesus and let me bear You with me in my heart n all the rest of the journey that I have still to make through life, so that together with You I may enter into eternity. So often have I driven You from my soul by my sins. But now I love You above all things and I regret above other misfortunes that I have offended You. I wish to leave You no more, my beloved Lord. But You give me the strength to resist temptations. Never permit me to be separated from You again. Let me rather die than ever again lose Your good grace.

O Mary, my hope, make me always live in God’s love and then die in loving Him. Amen.



Thought for the Day – 22 December

………If we examine Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus, we find very similar motifs to Matthew’s – Matthew tells us that Herod, having been duped by the Magi, furiously lashed out, ordering the murder of every boy in Bethlehem under two years of age. Not exactly the reaction of someone who is just delighted that the Christmas season has arrived!  Luke sets up his story as the tale of two rival Emperors: Caesar, the king of the world and Jesus, the baby king. While Caesar rules from his palace in Rome, Jesus has no place to lay his head; while Caesar exercises rangy power, Jesus is wrapped in swaddling clothes; while Caesar surrounds himself with wealthy and sophisticated courtiers, Jesus is surrounded by animals and shepherds of the field. And yet, the baby king is more powerful than Augustus – which is signaled by the presence of an army (stratias in the Greek) of angels in the skies over Bethlehem.

All four of the Gospels play out as a struggle, culminating in the deadly business of the cross, between the worldly powers and the power of Christ. For Jesus is not simply a kindly prophet with a gentle message of forgiveness; he is God coming in person to assume command. He is the Lord. And the entire New Testament couldn’t be clearer that his Lordship means that all those who follow a contrary rule – meaning, pretty much every one of us – are under judgment.

To be sure, the distinctive mark of Jesus’ Lordship is love, compassion, forgiveness and non-violence – but this is not the stuff of sentimentality and warm feelings. It is a provocation, a challenge, a call to conversion of the most radical kind

Bishop Robert Barron –  Why Christmas should bother everybody – December 15, 2016 –

ARE WE READY for the challenge?




Quote of the Day – 22 December

Quote of the Day – 22 December

“Jesus was born in a cave in Bethlehem because, Sacred Scripture tells us, “there was no room for them in the inn.”
—I am not departing from theological truth when I say that Jesus is still looking for shelter in your heart.”

~~~St. Josemaria Escrivä


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One Minute Reflection – 22 December

One Minute Reflection – 22 December

A child is born to us, a son is given us;  upon his shoulder dominian rests……Is 9:5

REFLECTION – In adoring our Saviour’s birth, it is our origin that we celebrate.  Christ’s temporal generation is the source of the Christian people, the birth of His Mystical Body. All of us encounter in this Mystery a new birth in Christ…………….St Leo the Great.

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, in celebrating the birth of Your Son on earth, let me also celebrate my birth in His Mystical Body.  Grant that I may thus be brought closer to You in union with Your only Son.  Saints and Martyrs and all Christ’s Holy Ones, Pray for us! Amen


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Our Morning Offering – 22 December

Our Morning Offering – 22 December

I beseech You, O my God,
that I may know You,
love You
and rejoice in you.
If in this life I cannot do these things fully,
grant that I may at the least progress in them
from day to day.
Advance in me the knowledge of You now,
that in the life to come it may be complete.
Increase in me the love of You here,
that there it may be full. O God of truth:
I pray that I may obtain that which You promise,
that my joy may be made full.
And in the meantime,
let my mind meditate on it;
let my soul hunger after it
and my whole being long for it,
till at last I enter into the joy of my Lord,
who is God, blessed forever. Amen.

St. Anselm of Canterbury


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Saint of the Day – 22 December

Saint of the Day – 22 December – St. Chaeremon & St. Ischyrion & Other Martyrs

In his letter to Fabian, the Bishop of Antioch, St. Dionysius of Alexandria speaks of Christians who suffered martyrdom under the Emperor Decius.

Many were driven to flee into the desert where they suffered hunger, exposure, and died prey to either wild beasts, or at the hand of men just as wild. A good number were also sold into slavery.

St. Dionysius particularly mentions a very old man, the Bishop of Nilopolis, by name of Chaeremon who, with a companion, disappeared into the mountains of Arabia.  Though a search was carried out, not even their bodies were found.

In the same letter St. Dionysius also mentions the name of Ischyrion, the procurator of a magistrate of Egypt.

When ordered by the Egyptian official to sacrifice to the idols, Ischyrion refused so steadfastly that neither abuse nor threats could make him change his mind.  The enraged magistrate then had him mutilated and impaled.  A great many other martyrs are included here who gave their lives for Christ Jesus at this time in Egypt.

AND today it seems to be repeating itself, Christians are persecuted in these regions.  Let us Pray for them all today!

O New Martyrs, through a malevolent force as old as Eden you now number among the ancient holy ones; keep us particularly in your prayers, as once again we are focused on the mysterious lands where humanity first came into being and into knowing and where all will finally be revealed. Pray that we may put aside all that is irrelevant to the moment and looking forever to the East, prepare our spirits for the engagements into which we may be called, whether we live amid these places of ancient roads and portals, or in the most modern of dwellings.

Mary, the God-bearer, pray for us,
Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us,
Saint John the Forerunner, pray for us,
All Holy Men and Women, pray for us.
Amen, Amen.


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Saints for 22 December

St Abban of New Ross
Bl Adam of Saxony
St Amaswinthus of Málaga
St Athernaise of Fife
St Bertheid of Münster
St Chaeremon of Nilopolis
St Flavian of Acquapendente
St Honoratus of Toulouse
St Hunger of Utrecht
St Ischirione of Alexandria
Bl Jutta of Diessenberg
Bl Ottone of Toulouse
Bl Thomas Holland
St Zeno of Nicomedia
Martyrs of Ostia – (3 saints)
Martyrs of Rhaitu – (43 saints)
Martyrs of Via Lavicana – (30 saints)

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Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Advent – 21 December 2016

Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Advent –
21 December 2016

“Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare your praise.”

Daily Meditation:
Blessed are you who believed
that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled. Luke 1

With just days until Christmas, we listen to readings of joy
and fulfillment.
We imagine the incredible meeting of Mary and Elizabeth.
With growing anticipation, we let ourselves simply believe
that the Lord’s many promises to us these weeks
will be fulfilled.

Our soul waits for the LORD, who is our help and our shield,
For in him our hearts rejoice; in his holy name we trust…..Psalm 33

Closing Prayer:

Loving God,
It is growing in my heart:
An awareness and gratitude of Your constant love for me;
Like the sun rising in the East
to warm and comfort my life
and to bring new growth.

Thank You for these weeks of prayer.
In the spirit of the season
my waiting, my patience,
feels sacred.

Bless my heart with generosity
and make me ready to receive You.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel!

May the Lord bless us,
protect us from all evil
and bring us to everlasting life.



Christmas Novena to the Christ Child

Christmas Novena to the Christ Child


God’s Mercy Revealed In His Coming Down From Heaven To Save Us.

O my Dear Redeemer! Where should I be now, if You had not borne with me so patiently but had called me from life while I was in the state of sin? Since You have waited for me till now, forgive me quickly, O my Jesus, before death finds me still guilty of so many offenses that I have committed against You. I am so sorry for having vilely despised You, my sovereign Good, that I could die of grief. But You cannot abandon a soul that seeks You.

If hitherto I have forsaken You, I now seek You and love You. Yes, my God, I love You above all else; I love You more than myself. Help me, Lord, to love You always during the rest of my life. Nothing else do I seek of You. But this I beg of You, this I hope to receive from You, all my love only for You.

Mary, my hope, pray for me. If you pray for me, I am sure of grace. Amen.


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Thought for the Day – 21 December

Thought for the Day – 21 December – St Peter Canisius

St Peter’s untiring efforts are an apt example for those involved in the renewal of the Church or the growth of moral consciousness in business or government. He is regarded as one of the creators of the Catholic press and can easily be a model for the Christian author or journalist. Teachers can see in his life a passion for the transmission of truth. Whether we have much to give, as Peter Canisius did, or whether we have only a little to give, as did the poor widow in the Gospel (see Luke 21:1–4), the important thing is to give our all. It is in this way that Peter is so exemplary for Christians in an age of rapid change when we are called to be in the world but not of the world.

In 1565, the Vatican was looking for a secret agent. It was shortly after the Council of Trent and the pope wanted to get the decrees of the Council to all the European bishops. What would be a simple errand in our day, was a dangerous assignment in the sixteenth century. The first envoy who tried to carry the decrees through territory of hostile Protestants and vicious thieves was robbed of the precious documents. Rome needed someone courageous but also someone above suspicion. They chose Peter Canisius. At 43 he was a well-known Jesuit who had founded colleges that even Protestants respected. They gave him a cover as official “visitor” of Jesuit foundations. But Peter couldn’t hide the decrees like our modern fictional spies with their microfilmed messages in collar buttons or cans of shaving cream. Peter traveled from Rome and crisscrossed Germany successfully loaded down with the Tridentine tomes — 250 pages each — not to mention the three sacks of books he took along for his own university!

St Peter believed in the importance in learning and understanding the Catholic faith. If it is available to you, resolve to read a portion of the new Catechism of the Catholic Church. Don’t try to read too much but consider reading a page a day. Before we can spread our faith we must have a solid foundation in ourselves.


Saint Peter Canisius, you saw the good in even the most troublesome of people. You found their talents and used them. Help me to see beyond the behaviour of others that may bother me to the gifts God has given them and please Pray for us all! Amen


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One Minute Reflection – 21 December

One Minute Reflection – 21 December

God who is mighty, has done great things for me, holy is his name…….Lk 1:49

REFLECTION – “While remaining the Mother of our Judge, Mary is a mother to us, full of mercy.
She constitutes our protection. She keeps us close to Christ and she faithfully takes the matter of our salvation into her charge.”……………….St Peter Canisius (Saint of the Day)

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, You have filled Mary with grace and made her a Co-Redeemer with Christ Your Son. Grant that I may have constant recourse to her and attain the salvation she helped win for the world. St Peter Canisius Pray for us! Amen




Our Morning Offering – 21 December

Our Morning Offering – 21 December

Let my eyes take their sleep
but may my heart always keep watch for You.
May Your right hand bless Your servants
who love You.
May I be united with the praise
that flows from You, Lord Jesus,
to all your saints; united with the gratitude
drawn from Your heart, good Jesus,
that causes Your saints to thank You;
united with Your passion, good Jesus,
by which You took away our guilt;
united with the divine longing
that You had on earth for our salvation;
united with every prayer
that welled from Your divine heart, good Jesus
and flowed into the hearts of Your saints.

~~~ St Peter Canisius SJ (Saint of the Day)


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Saint of the Day – 21 December

Saint of the Day – 21 December – St Peter Canisius SJ (1521-1597 aged 76) –  Priest, Religious and Doctor of the Church – Known as The Hammer of Protestantism and the Second Apostle of Germany – Patron of Catholic press, Germany

St. Peter Canisius, from modern-day Netherlands, was born in 1521. His father was the local mayor and his mother died shortly of his birth. Peter studied at the University of Cologne and earned a Master’s degree in 1540 at the age of 19. While there, he met Peter Faber, one of the first Jesuits. Through him, Canisius became the first Dutchman to join the Society of Jesus in 1543. Through his preaching and writings, Peter Canisius became one of the most influential Catholics of his time. He supervised the founding and maintenance of the first German-speaking Jesuit colleges and was known as the Second Apostle of Germany.

If you have too much to do, with God’s help you will find time to do it all…. St Peter Canisius

For a half-century Jesuit Father Peter Canisius led the Catholic Reformation in Austria, Bavaria and Bohemia. For that reason he is reckoned an apostle to Germany, second only to St. Boniface. With stupendous energy he preached and taught in parishes, reformed and founded universities, wrote many books including popular catechisms, restored lapsed Catholics, converted Protestants, preached retreats, and found time to care for the sick. In his last 30 years traveling more than 20,000 miles on foot or horseback, St. Peter Canisius spearheaded the renewal of the Catholic faith in southern Germany.

Peter Canisius revitalised Catholic life and teaching at universities in Ingolstadt and Augsburg. He founded new ones at Prague and Fribourg. In all four cities his preaching and catechising won the hearts of Catholics and attracted nominal Protestants to the church. In Vienna his personal care for plague victims made him a most popular figure.Thus, when appointed diocesan administrator, he was in a position to revive the city’s long decadent Catholic community.

After 1555, Peter Canisius published his famous Summary of Christian Doctrine and two smaller catechisms. These books generated the Catholic Reformation as Luther’s catechism had spread Protestantism. Canisius’s catechisms also helped launch the Catholic press. During the saint’s lifetime they were translated into 15 languages and reprinted more than 200 times.   His “German Catechism”, a book which defined the basic principles of Catholicism in the German language and made them more accessible to readers in German-speaking countries. He was offered the post of Bishop of Vienna in 1554, but declined in to continue his traveling and teachings.

In the late 16th century, when open hostility typified relations between Catholics and Protestants, Peter Canisius advised charity and moderation. He opposed theological debates with Protestant leaders and in general, discouraged discussion of Catholic distinctives such as indulgences, purgatory and monastic vows with Protestants. He believed such efforts only heightened division and embittered relations. He articulated his views in this letter to his Jesuit superior:

“It is plainly wrong to meet non-Catholics with bitterness or to treat them with discourtesy. For this is nothing else than the reverse of Christ’s example because it breaks the bruised reed and quenches the smoking flax. We ought to instruct with meekness those whom heresy has made bitter and suspicious and has estranged from orthodox Catholics, especially from our fellow Jesuits. Thus, by whole-hearted charity and good will we may win them over to us in the Lord.

Again, it is a mistaken policy to behave in a contentious fashion and to start disputes about matters of belief with argumentative people who are disposed by their very natures to wrangling. Indeed, the fact of their being so constituted is a reason the more why such people should be attracted and won to the simplicity of the faith as much by example as by argument.”

In 1591, Peter Canisius suffered a stroke that nearly killed him. But he recovered and devoted himself to writing for six more years until his death in 1597.


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Saints for 21 December

St Peter Canisius (Optional Memorial)/Hammer of Protestantism/ Second Apostle of Germany

Bl Adrian of Dalmatia
St Anastasius II of Antioch
St Anrê Tran An Dung
Bl Anton Durcovici
St Baudacarius of Bobbio
St Beornwald of Bampton
Bl Bezela of Göda
Bl Daniel of the Annunciation
St Dioscorus
St Festus of Tuscany
St Glycerius of Nicomedia
St James of Valencia
St John of Tuscany
St John Vincent
St Micah the Prophet
St Phêrô Truong Van Thi
St Severinus of Trèves
Bl Sibrand of Marigård
St Themistocles of Lycia

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Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Advent – 20 December 2016

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Advent – 20 December 2016

“Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare your praise.”

Daily Meditation:
“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord.
May it be done to me according to your word.”

Mary could become the “temple of God’s Word”
because she was so ready to do God’s will.
As we approach this anniversary of our redemption,
let’s spend the day placing our life in God’s hands
embracing the ways He will come to us
and let us be His instruments for others.

Let the Lord enter; he is the king of glory.

Closing Prayer:
Oh, King of us all,
I find myself standing before
Your strength and splendour
watching, waiting
and filled with total joy.

You have lifted my mind in hope.
Now help me to open my life
to Your coming.

I want to be like Mary, your mother.
Her wonderful courage and strength
inspire me to do the same.
She simply said Yes
and the impossible was done.

Thank You for this Advent journey.
The anticipation has filled my life
and made me long for
a closer relationship with You.

My life gets so busy that I forget to focus.
Thank You for Your guidance.
Thank You for the quiet moments
when I have felt Your love.

Nothing will be impossible with God.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel!

May the Lord bless us,
protect us from all evil
and bring us to everlasting life.



Christmas Novena to the Christ Child Day Five – 20 December

Christmas Novena to the Christ Child

The Life Of Sorrow Which Jesus Led From His Birth.

O Jesus, my sweet Love! I too have kept You suffering through all Your life. Tell me, then, what I must do in order to win Your forgiveness. I am ready to do all You ask of me. I am sorry, O sovereign Good, for all the offenses I have committed against You. I love You more than myself, or a least I feel a great desire to love You. Since it is You who has given me this desire, do You also give me the strength to love You exceedingly.

It is only right that I, who have offended You so much, should love You very much. Always remind me of the love You have borne me, in order that my soul may ever burn with love of You and long to please You alone. O God of love, I, who was once a slave of hell, now give myself all to You.
Graciously accept me and bind me to Yourself with the bonds of Your love. My Jesus, from this day and forever in loving You will I live and in loving Thee will I die.

O Mary, my Mother and my hope, help me to love your dear God and mine. This is the only favour I ask of you and through you I hope to receive it. Amen.


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Thought for the Day – 20 December

Thought for the Day – 20 December

St. Dominic of Silos came to know God in the solitude of a shepherd boy. It was this love of solitude that drew him into monastic life where he could be alone with his God. Most of us are so busy we scarcely have time for Sunday Mass. We should cultivate a little solitude, too.  It is easy to form habits – is it not?  Especially those that give us pleasure.  Our greatest pleasure should be communing with God it too becomes a habit – this one is indispensable!

St Dominic de Silos Pray for us!



Quote of the Day – 20 December

Quote of the Day – 20 December

“If we would please this Divine Infant,
we too must become children,
simple and humble;
we must carry to Him flowers of virtue,
of meekness, of mortification, of charity;
we must clasp Him in the arms of our love.”

~~~ St Alphonsus Liguori


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One Minute Reflection – 20 December

One Minute Reflection – 20 December

You, O God, are my stronghold, my gracious God!………..Ps 59:18

REFLECTION – In tribulations, turn to God with confidence.  You will obtain strength, light and knowledge.

In joys and successes, turn to God with fear and sincerity.  You will escape all snares and be free of everything false…………….St John of the Cross

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, let me turn to You in good times and in bad.  Grant that I may always remain in loving union with You no matter what adversity or goodness should befall me.  As St Dominic de Silos lived his life, when he was exiled, he found another way to give You honour and through this adversity You filled his work with miracles. So too may it be in my life. St Dominic de Silos Pray for us! Amen


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Our Morning Offering – 20 December

Our Morning Offering – 20 December

Son of the Father, Christ,
You who are living in us,
You are the hope of our glory.
Live in us,
subject our life to the norms of Your life,
make our life like Yours.
Live in me,
pray in me,
suffer in me,
for no more than that do I ask.
For when I have You, I am rich.
Those who have found You
have found the strength
and victory for their life.
By Fr Karl Rahner SJ


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Saint of the Day – 20 December

Saint of the Day – 20 December – St Dominic de Silos O.S.B. (c1000-1073)- Patron of pregnant women, against rabies, against rabid dogs, against insects, captives, prisoners; shepherds.

St. Dominic, founder of the Order of Preachers, was named after this Benedictine abbot, who lived a century before him. According to Dominican tradition, St. Dominic of Silos appeared to Blessed Joan of Aza (the mother of the later St. Dominic), who made a pilgrimage to his shrine before the birth of her son and named him after the abbot of Silos.

Dominic of Silos was born in Navarre, Spain, on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees and was a shepherd boy, looking after his father’s flocks. He acquired a love of solitude and as a young man became a monk at the monastery of San Millan de la Cogolla. He eventually became prior of the monastery and came into conflict with the king of Navarre over possessions of the monastery claimed by the king. The king drove Dominic out of the monastery and Dominic went with other monks to Castille, where the king of Castille appointed Dominic abbot of the monastery of St. Sebastian at Silos.

The monastery was in terrible shape, spiritually and materially and Dominic set about to restore the monastery and to reform the lives of the monks. He preserved the Mozarbic Rite (one of the variants of the Latin Rite) at his monastery and his monastery became one of the centers of the Mozarbic liturgy. His monastery also preserved the Visigothic script of ancient Spain and was a center of learning and liturgy in that part of Spain.

Dominic of Silos died on December 20,1073, about a century before the birth of his namesake, St. Dominic of Calaruega. Before the Spanish Revolution of 1931, it was customary for the abbot of Silos to bring the staff of Dominic of Silos to the Spanish royal palace whenever the queen was in labour and to leave it at her bedside until the birth of her child had taken place.

In recent times, great interest in Dominic of Silos has arisen since the literary treasures of the library of Silos have become known. The abbey had a profound influence on spirituality and learning in Spain. Today the monastery is an abbey of the Benedictine Congregation of Solesmes housing a library of ancient and rare manuscripts.

The images show the Monastery and Abbey of Solesmes as well as a Religuary Casket of St Dominic and an image of him taken from the altar piece.

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