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LENTEN REFLECTION – The Fifth Week – 6 April 2017

LENTEN REFLECTION – The Fifth Week – 6 April 2017

Come to us, free us, help us and guide us.
We pray more intensely now, just a week before Holy Thursday.
We desire more and more that we might be free.
Sorrow leads to profound gratitude,
when we experience the depth of unconditional love offered us.
The gratitude of a loved sinner leads to great generosity.

Christ is the mediator of a new covenant so that since he has died,
those who are called may receive the eternal inheritance promised to them.
The Entrance Antiphon – Hebrews 9:15

What an exquisitely beautiful things is this loving, painstaking Providence of God!
A fatherly care that can turn even our sins to good use!
I think what hurts us most in our sins and our mistakes is the awful feelings of guilt they bring – and the terrible sense of waste.
“If only I could do it all over again!” we say with remorse. “If only I could undo the harm I’ve done, soothe the feelings I’ve hurt, straighten out the mess I’ve made!”Lord, what a joy to know that through Your Death and Resurrection, through Your Father’s loving care, the harm is already undone!
That once we are sorry for our sins, there is never any waste.
All, all is turned to good.
Your wisdom can straighten what my sins have entangled, through the love You gave us in sending Your only Son to die.
Your Providence can take the broken pieces of my life and mend them – and make me into a saint!
I look forward now, my Lord, not back.
Take me – I abandon myself to a new life in Him who will die for my sins but will rise again!

From Meditations on St Paul by Fr James E Sullivan M.S.


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Thought for the Day – 6 April

Thought for the Day – 6 April

A gracious lovable personality does more than anything else to draw others to holiness.   Some preach by words and some by their whole person.   Blessed Notker Balbulus was one of the latter.   The fact that he was dearly loved by those with whom he lived, is the finest witness to his holiness.   It is not our human looks or physical attributes which draw others to us but a heart of love.

Blessed Notker Balbulus, please pray for us.


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Quote/s of the Day – 6 April

Quote/s of the Day – 6 April

“Does our life become from day to day more painful,
more oppressive, more replete with sufferings?
Blessed be He a thousand times who desires it so.
If life be harder, love makes it also stronger
and only this love, grounded on suffering,
can carry the Cross of my Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Blessed Miguel Pro



“Goodness in the face of evil must suffer,
for when love meets sin,
it will be crucified.”

Venerable Fulton J Sheen

goodness in the face of evil must suffer - fulton sheen

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One Minute Reflection – 6 April

One Minute Reflection – 6 April

Through baptism into (Christ’s) death we were buried him, so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead…..we too might live a new life……Romans 6:4

REFLECTION – “Christ is our life.   Let us therefore look to Christ.   He came to suffer in order to merit glory;  to seek contempt in order to be exalted.   He came to die but also to rise again.”……………..St Augustine

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, through my baptism I was buried with Christ and rose to a new life of grace.   Let me so guard that life that I will enjoy it full in heaven with Christ.   Blessed Notker Balbulus, you guarded your life that you lived only for Christ please pray for us all, amen.



Our Morning Offering – 6 April

To The Heart Of Jesus
By Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J.

I believe, O Lord, but strengthen my faith,
Heart of Jesus, I love Thee
but increase my love.
Heart of Jesus, I trust in Thee,
but give greater vigour to my confidence.
Heart of Jesus, I give my heart to Thee,
but so enclose it in Thee
that it may never be separated from Thee.
Heart of Jesus, I am all Thine,
but take care of my promise
so that I may be able
to put it in practice even unto
the complete sacrifice of my life.



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Saint of the Day – 6 April – Blessed Notker Balbulus

Saint of the Day – 6 April – Blessed Notker Balbulus/Notker the Stammerer/Notker of Saint Gall (c840-912) Benedictine monk. Priest. Poet. Musician. Teacher. Writer. Historian. Hagiographer; wrote a martyrology, a collection of legends and a metrical biography of Saint Gall. Friend of Saint Tutilo – Patron of Musicians and invoked against stammering -Representation:  A rod; Benedictine habit; book in one hand and a broken rod in the other with which he strikes the devil, mill wheel, staff.


Notker was the son of noble Swiss parents.   His father and mother sent him, when he was a child, to be educated in the Benedictine Abbey of St. Gall, Switzerland.    In medieval times Benedictine monks often accepted youngsters as boarding students in their monastery schools.    There may have been an additional reason for entrusting Notker to these monks.    He was frail in health and stammered.   (That is the meaning of his nickname “Balbulus”.)

When he was a teenager, Notker decided to stay on at St. Gall as a monk.    Frailty of body did not keep him from becoming a leader in this religious community.    It was later said of him that he was “weakly in body but not in mind, stammering of tongue but not of intellect, pressing forward boldly in things divine–a vessel filled with the Holy Ghost without equal in his time.”    Notker, a brilliant student, was appointed librarian of the monastery in 890 and held the post of guest master in 892 and 894.

But the stammering little monk gained fame mostly through his own literary work. Having been trained by such able monastic scholars as Iso and the musical Irishman Marcellus (Moengal), he himself became a noted teacher in the monastic school.    Notker was probably the anonymous “Monk of St. Gall” who composed the book Gesta Caroli (The Deeds of Charles), a collection of folk stories about the Emperor Charlemagne.   This popular work did much to make Charlemagne a colossal legendary figure among the German peoples.

In addition to prose, Father Notker, a good theologian, also wrote poetry and composed music, with talent and taste.    In fact, he is considered the first musical composer of German stock.    Some of his musical compositions are hymns in honour of saints.    Most of his fame, however, is based on his two-score sequences.

The sequence is a type of liturgical hymn that originated in the ninth century.    It is a hymn sung after that Alleluia of the Latin Rite Mass that comes just before the singing of the Gospel.   ur liturgy used to have many of these sequences but today the Church retains only the Victimae Paschali (Easter);   the Veni Sancte Spiritus (Pentecost);   the Lauda Sion (Corpus Christi);   and the Stabat Mater (Seven Sorrows of Mary).    (A fifth sequence the Dies Irae for funerals was dropped only after Vatican II).    Now, none of these five sequences was written by Notker but the pattern he gave to the format by his own popular compositions was decisive among later composers.

Notker the Stammerer was so much loved by the monks of his abbey that for a long time after his death, they could not speak of him without shedding tears.    They venerated him as a saint. T   he Holy See confirmed this cult of Blessed Notker in 1512 by permitting a Mass to be celebrated in his honour at the Abbey of St. Gall.    The permission was extended to the diocese of Constance in 1513.    His relics were enshrined in the cathedral of Sankt Gallen in 1628 – see below

Blessed Notker has been declared by some to be the greatest poet of the Middle Ages. Being tongue-tied may impair the speech but it cannot inhibit the soaring imagination.

–Father Robert F. McNamara

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Saints – 6 April

St Agrarius the Martyr
St Amand of Grisalba
St Berthanc of Kirkwall
St Brychan of Brycheiniog
Bl Catherine of Pallanza
St Diogenes of Philippi
St Elstan of Abingdon
St Galla of Rome
St Gennard
St Irenaeus of Sirmium
Bl Jan Franciszek Czartoryski
St Marcellinus the Martyr
Bl Maria Karlowska
Bl Michele Rua
Bl Notker Balbulus
St Phaolô Lê Bao Tinh
St Philaret of Calabria
Bl Pierina Morosini
St Platonides of Ashkelon
St Prudentius of Troyes
St Pope St. Sixtus I
St Timothy of Philippi
St Ulched
St Urban of Peñalba
St William of Eskilsoe
St Winebald
Bl Zefirino Agostini

Martyrs of Hadiab
Martyrs of Sirmium : 7 saints – A group of fourth century martyrs at Sirmium, Pannonia (modern Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia). We know little more than seven of their names – Florentius, Geminianus, Moderata, Romana, Rufina, Saturus and Secundus.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War
Enric Gispert Domenech
Josep Gomis Martorell