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Novena to St Joseph the Worker – Day Five – 26 April

Novena to St Joseph the Worker – 26 April

For Christianity then, “human work represents the gradual beginnings of man’s dominion over things, of a governance to which he aspires by realising the image of God.” (Servant of God Fr Luigi Giussanti)

Let us Pray:



Glorious St Joseph, patron saint of workers,
blending skill with charity,
silent carpenter, we praise you!
Joining work with honesty,
you taught Christ with joy to labour,
sharing His nobility.
Joseph, close to Christ and Mary,
lived with them in poverty,
shared with them their home and labour,
worked with noble dignity.
May we seek God’s will as you did,
leader of His family!
Joseph, inspiration for workers,
man of faith and charity,
make us honest, humble, faithful,
strong with Christ’s true liberty,
Make our labour and our leisure
fruitful to eternity!
Humbly we ask of you dear St Joseph,
to intercede for all workers, in the difficulties
of their daily lives especially for the unemployed,
in their anxieties for tomorrow,
so that through the guidance of God,
the great Architect and Builder, they all
may use their strength and talents
to make visible God’s new creation,
to offer a concrete service to society
and to earn wages worthy of their efforts.
With confidence and trust
we make our intention
(make your intention)
I pray to you, dear St Joseph, through our Lord,
Jesus Christ, your dearly beloved foster Son,
in union with the Father and the Holy ,
one God for ever and ever.


Thought for the Day – 26 April

Thought for the Day – 26 April – The Feast Day of Our Lady of Good Counsel

In the Alban Hills, not far from the city of Rome, lies the little town of Genazzano, where the miraculous image of Our Lady of Good Counsel is venerated.    The story of the picture dates back to 1467.    Pilgrims assembled on the feast of St. Mark were startled by a mysterious rustling sound and strains of sweet music.    Looking toward the sky, they beheld what seemed a soft cloud.    Slowly it descended and rested in front of the unfinished wall of the church dedicated to the Mother of God under the title of Good Counsel.    The picture rests suspended in the air without any visible means of support to maintain its stable condition and this for five centuries!   Although painted on a piece of plaster no thicker than an ordinary visiting card, the image has withstood the ravages of time.   The artist of the painting is unknown.

It is said that the figures themselves represent Mother and Child after they had returned from the temple where Mary heard the sad prophesies of Simeon.    Mary’s eyes are half-veiled as though she were lost in contemplation, taking counsel with her God.    The little Child does not return the gaze of the beholder, as happens in so many pictures, rather He draws our eyes upward to Mary as if to tell us to look for Counsel there, in the very Seat of Wisdom.    It is a picture to be loved, a plain and common picture a pious image to be copied and hung in the homes of the poor. That is all the sweet Mother of Good Counsel asks for her picture: a home in our midst, by our firesides, a family to guard and watch over, hearts that will love and venerate her.


Overshadowed by the Holy Ghost, Mary became the Mother of God.    His gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, and Counsel belong to her.    She is Our Mother of Good Counsel because she is the Spouse of God the Holy Ghost. If to her was granted the wisdom to counsel her Son, surely she has the wisdom to counsel poor humanity.    In her there is the wisdom of ages. For 2000 years, she has been watching the children of men upon this earth.    Our Lady of Good Counsel knows how to help us.    She can help us. She wants to aid and counsel us!    Once she sees upon a soul the sign of the Cross of her Son, that soul may count upon all her assistance.    She loves with an undying love all those for whom her Son died.

God trusted her with His own Son, Who clung to her till life was done. Through sorrow none can comprehend she mothered Jesus to the end. And if you think her love may fail, You thrust within her heart a nail!


Our Lady of Good Counsel, please be with us and pray for us!


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One Minute Reflection – 26 April

One Minute Reflection – 26 April

Through (Jesus) let us continually offer God a sacrifice of praise, that is,
the fruit of lips which acknowledge his name……………Hebrews 13:15

EBREWS 13-15

REFLECTION – “The hour has sounded for joyful chants – Alleluia!
Let us praise God with our life,
with our voice, with our heart
and with our deeds.”………….St Augustine


PRAYER – Heavenly Father, help me to give You constant praise in my heart At the same time, let this attitude bear fruit in my life – producing truly Christ-like deeds. Help me to always be a witness to Your Son, truly risen. St Pope Cletus, ordained by St Peter and martyred for Christ, pray for us, amen.


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Our Morning Offering – 26 April

Our Morning Offering – 26 April

Make Your Dwelling in me

By St John Damascene

Hold dominion over my heart, O Lord!
Keep it as Your inheritance.
Make Your dwelling in me,
along with the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Widen in me the cords of Your tabernacle,
even the operations of Your Most Holy Spirit.
For You are my God and I will praise You,
together with the Eternal Father
and your quickening Spirit,
now, henceforth and forever. Amen


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Saint of the Day – 26 April – St Pope Anacletus

Saint of the Day – 26 April – St Pope Anadletus (c25-c89) 3rd Bishop of Rome and MARTYR – Also known as – Cletus and Celto – Relics reside in relics in Saint Linus Church, Vatican City

St Pope Analetus led the fledgling Church during the reign of Emperors Vespasian and Domitian.    The name Cletus, in ancient Greek, means “one who has been called.” Pope Saint Anacletus is remembered as having been converted by St Peter and ordained by the first Pope as well.    His name is included in the Roman Canon of the Mass.   Saint Cletus/Anacletus is traditionally said to have been born and raised a Roman, and following his ordination and ascension, served the Church for twelve years as the third Pope.    During that time, he is said to have divided Rome into twenty-five parishes, as well as ordained a significant number of priests to serve the growing Church.    He is also the first pope to build a shrine over the relics of Saint Peter, which would eventually become the basilica that stands today.

The canon of the Roman mass, St Bede, St Augustine and other Martyrologists, style him a Martyr, although the direct events of his death for the faith have been lost to history.   He was Martyred in the persecutions of Domitian.

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Saints – 26 April

Our Lady of Good Counsel (Memorial)

Bl Alda of Siena
St Antoninus of Rome
St Basileus of Amasea
St Clarence of Venice
St Claudius of Rome
St Pope Cletus
St Cyrinus of Rome
St Exuerantia of Troyes
Bl Gregory of Besians
Bl Juli Junyer Padern
St Lucidius of Verona
St Pope MarcellinusSt
Paschasius Radbertus
St Pelligrino of Foggia
St Peter of Braga
St Primitive of Gabi
St Rafael Arnáiz Barón
St Richarius of Celles
Bl Stanislaw Kubista
St Trudpert of Munstertal
St William of Foggia
Bl Wladyslaw Goral

Mercedarian Martyrs of Auterive