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Maundy Thursday of Holy Week – 13 April 2017

Maundy Thursday of Holy Week – 13 April 2017

O God, who have called us to participate
in this most sacred Supper,
in which Your Only Begotten Son,
when about to hand Himself over to death,
entrusted to the Church a sacrifice new for all eternity,
the banquet of His love,
grant, we pray,
that we may draw from so great a mystery,
the fullness of charity and of life.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.


The Thirteenth Station:
Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross

st 13

My Jesus, it was with deep grief that Mary finally took You into her arms and saw all the wounds sin had inflicted upon You.    Mary Magdalene looked upon Your dead Body with horror.    Nicodemus, the man so full of human respect, who came to You by night, suddenly received the courage to help Joseph take you down from the Cross.    You are once more surrounded by only a few followers.    When loneliness and failure cross my path, let me think of this lonely moment and this total failure – failure in the eyes of men. How wrong they were – how mistaken their concept of success!    The greatest act of love was given in desolation and the most successful mission accomplished and finished when all seemed lost.    Is this not true in my life, dear Jesus?    I judge my failures harshly.    I demand perfection instead of holiness.    My idea of success is for all to end well – according to my liking.
Give to all men the grace to see that doing Your Will is more important than success.    If failure is permitted for my greater good then teach me how to use it to my advantage.    Let me say as You once said, that to do the Will of the Father is my food.    Let not the standards of this world take possession of me or destroy the good You have set for me – to be Holy and to accomplish the Father’s Will with great love.    Let me accept praise or blame, success or failure with equal serenity.

The Fourteenth Station:
Jesus is Laid in the Sepulcher


My Jesus, You were laid to rest in a stranger’s tomb.    You were born with nothing of this world’s goods and You died detached from everything.    When You came into the world, men slept and angels sang and now as You leave it, Creation is silent and only a few weep.    Both events were clothed in obscurity.    The majority of men live in such a way. Most of us live and die knowing and known by only a few.    Were You trying to tell us, dear Jesus, how very important our lives are just because we are accomplishing the Father’s Will?    Will we ever learn the lesson of humility that makes us content with who we are, where we are and what we are?
Will our Faith ever be strong enough to see power in weakness and good in the sufferings of our lives?    Will our Hope be trusting enough to rely on Your Providence even when we have nowhere to lay our head?    Will our Love ever be strong enough not to take scandal in the cross?

My Jesus, hide my soul in Your heart as You lie in the Sepulcher alone.    Let my heart be as a fire to keep you warm.    Let my desire to know and love You be like a torch to light up the darkness.    Let my soul sing softly a hymn of repentant love as the hours pass and Your Resurrection is at hand.    Let me rejoice, dear Jesus, with all the Angels in a hymn of praise and thanksgiving for so great a love- so great a God- so great a day!

Stations of the Cross by Mother Angelica


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