The Wonders of the Holy Name – Fr Paul O’Sullivan, O.P. – “Revealing the Simplest Secret Ever of Holiness and Happiness.”

You will remember a while ago I posted the entire book by Fr Paul O’Sullivan “How to Avoid Purgatory” – you will find the entire Booklet in chapters here:

Again I wish to share one of Fr Paul’s wonderful booklets which are such amazing works to grow our faith and inspire our daily lives.  The byline states “revealing the simplest secret ever of holiness and happiness.”  Although January is the Month of the Holy Name – we can never learn this devotion too soon, by January we will be totally ready to give praise, honour and glory to His Name!


We have been hearing and have been repeating
from childhood the Holy Name of Jesus, but alas!
many, very many have no adequate idea of the
great wonders of this Holy Name.
What do you know, dear reader, about the Name
of Jesus?  You know that it is a holy name and
that you must bow your head reverently when
you say it.   That is very little.   It is as if you
looked at a closed book and merely glanced at
the title on the cover.   You know nothing of all
the beautiful thoughts in the book itself.

Even so when you pronounce the Name of Jesus
you know very little of the treasures hidden in it.
This Divine Name is in truth a mine of riches,
it is the fount of the highest holiness and the
secret of the greatest happiness that a man can
hope to enjoy on this Earth.   Read and see.
Devotion to the Holy Name is so easy that
everyone without exception can practice it.   It
demands no time so that the busiest man can
repeat it countless times.
It is so powerful, so certain that it never fails
to produce in our souls the most wonderful results.
It consoles the saddest heart and makes the
weakest sinner strong.   It obtains for us all kinds
of favours and graces, spiritual and temporal.
Two things we must do:  First of all we must
understand clearly the meaning and value of the
Name of Jesus.
Secondly we must get into the habit of saying
it frequently, hundreds and hundreds of times
every day.   Far from being a burden it will be
an immense joy and consolation.

What does the Name of Jesus mean

The Holy Name of Jesus is, first of all, an
all-powerful prayer.   Our Lord Himself solemnly
promises that whatever we ask the Father in His
Name we shall receive.   God never fails to keep
His word.
When, therefore, we say Jesus let us ask God for
all we need with absolute confidence of being heard.
For this reason the Church ends her prayers
with the words:  “Through Jesus Christ” which
gives the prayer a new and divine efficacy.
But the Holy Name is something still greater.
Each time we say Jesus we give God infinite
joy and glory for we offer Him all the infinite
merits of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ.
St Paul tells us that Jesus merited the Name
Jesus by His Passion and Death.
Each time we say Jesus let us clearly wish to
offer God all the Masses being said all over the
World for all our intentions.   We thus share in
these thousands of Masses.
Each time we say Jesus we gain 30O days
indulgence which we may apply to the souls in
Purgatory, thus relieving and liberating very many
of these holy souls from their awful pains.   They
thus become our best friends and pray for us
with incredible fervour.
Each time we say Jesus, it is an act of perfect
love for we offer to God the infinite love of Jesus.

The Holy Name of Jesus saves us from innumerable
evils and delivers us especially from
the power of the devil who is constantly seeking
to do us harm.

The Name of Jesus gradually fills our souls
with a peace and a joy we never had before.

The Name of Jesus gives us such strength that
our sufferings become light and easy to bear.

What must we do? – coming tomorrow………………..



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