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Sick in Bed

Dear all

Unknown ailment thus far.

I’ll be back as soon as I am able.

God bless you all!

With love


sick in bed - 6 sept 2018



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20 thoughts on “Sick in Bed

    1. I am so immensely grateful to you all dear Catholic Priests, for all you are and all you do! I know your prayers will be heard and I sincerely thank you. Still feeling awful, still don’t have a diagnosis but I know it is just a bug of some kind.


  1. Dear Ana
    I am on my way into daily morning Mass now, and miss your regular contribution. Sorry to learn that you are unwell.

    I will offer my Mass and Holy Communion for your intentions this morning.

    May God Continue to Bless You!

    Michael from Dublin, Ireland

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    1. How can I thank you dearest Michael, what a great blessing you give me. The power of the greatest prayer and the greatest Sacrament cannot be surpassed. My deepest thanks. I am still feeling horrid and very weak but I do feel loved. God bless you!


  2. Dear AnaStpaul,

    I will pray for you at the tumb of Blessed Brother Isidoor ( in Kortrijk – Belgium )



    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad



    1. How very kind dear Andre, many, many thanks. May the Lord hear the your intercession and the prayers of Blessed Brother Isidoor and bring me back to full health very soon. God bless you!


    1. Oh dear Annemarie – sometimes I don’t to be honest and your words are a great comfort to me. The Lord will hear all the beautiful intercession of all of you, dear friends. I know I will feel better very soon. And I thank you for you great concern and taking the time to comfort me. God bless you and your loved ones too!


    1. Dear dear Hughie – how wonderful to hear your voice. Your words bring me joy and peace. Keep the prayers coming and He will sort me out very soon. I pray for you and yours too, that He will bless you all! Keep well Hughie. With a big hug – hope what I have is not ‘catchy’.


  3. Dear Ana the Adorable one, It is sad to hear you’re sick. Hopefully it is not that serious and you can get better soon. I can’t imagine lasting the day without your emails.

    Loads of love, Iswarawati.


    1. Oh my dearest Iswara, your kindness always brings me great joy! Thank you sweet one and may God bless you. I know the Lord will hear all the prayers ascending on my behalf and soon I should be back, bothering your Inbox. So far no-one knows what this is but I think it is just a ‘bug’ of some kind. Still feeling weird and very weak and wobbly but less pain. I pray for you too always. God be with you! With my love to you and yours Iswara


  4. Dear Ana,

    Iā€™m sorry indeed to hear it, and am praying today for your speedy recovery.

    May Our Lady of the Smile smile you one of her healing smiles, and ask her Son, the Little Doctor of the Sick, to stop by and heal you.

    Bishop Dolan

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    1. Dear Bishop Dolan such lovely words, such beautiful thoughts. You bring both My Lord and our Holy Mother to life at my side and I cannot help but feel very encouraged!
      I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the encouragement and prayers.
      Yes, His Hands will heal me and Our Lady comforts me, by your prayers and I thank you for taking the time to help me.
      May God bless you too.


  5. Hello Aldrin, thanks for your prayers and checking up on me. Slowly improving now though still rather wobbly and weak. I should be back this week sometime I pray. God bless you and your kind heart.


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