Quote/s of the Day – 21 September – The Feast of St Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist- Today’s Gospel: Matthew 9:9–13

Quote/s of the Day – 21 September – The Feast of St Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist- Today’s Gospel: Matthew 9:9–13

“But as you have seen the power of Him that called, so consider also the obedience of him that was called – how he neither resisted, nor disputing said, ‘What is this?   Is it not indeed a deceitful calling, wherewith He calls me, being such as I am?’ nay,  for this humility again had been out of season but he obeyed straightaway and did not even request to go home and to communicate with his relations concerning this matter -as neither indeed, did the fishermen but as they left their net and their ship and their father, so did he his receipt of custom and his gain and followed, exhibiting a mind prepared for all things and breaking himself at once away, from all worldly things, by his complete obedience, he bore witness, that He who called him, had chosen a good time.

…Because He who is acquainted with the hearts and knows the secrets of each man’s mind, knew also when each of these would obey.”
(Homily 30 on Matthew)

St John Chrysostom (347-407) Father and Doctor of the Churchhe who is acquainted with the hearts - st john chrysostom - 21 sept 2018 st matthew

“On hearing Christ’s voice, we open the door to receive Him,
as it were, when we freely assent to His promptings
and when we give ourselves over to doing what must be done.
Christ, since He dwells in the hearts of His chosen ones
through the grace of His love, enters so that He might eat with us
and we with Him.   He ever refreshes us by the light of His presence
insofar as we progress in our devotion to and longing for the things of heaven.
He Himself is delighted by such a pleasing banquet.”

St Bede the Venerable (673-735) Doctor of the Churchon-hearing-christs-voice-st-bede-the-venerable-21-sept-2017

“That gaze overtook him completely, it changed his life.
We say he was converted.   He changed his life.
As soon as he felt that gaze in his heart, he got up and followed Him.
This is true – Jesus’ gaze always lifts us up.
It is a look that always lifts us up and never leaves you in your place,
never lets us down, never humiliates.   It invites you to get up –
a look that brings you to grow, to move forward, that encourages you,
because the One who looks upon you loves you.
The gaze makes you feel that He loves you.
This gives the courage to follow Him – ‘and he got up and followed Him.’”

Pope Francis 21 September 2013that gaze overtook him completely - pope francis - 21 sept 2018 feast of st matthew

“He looked on sinners,
called them
and brought them
to sit beside Him.”

Pope Francis
(2015)he looked on sinners - pope franics feast of st matthew 21 sept 2018


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