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Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

Readings and Prayers

12 Day Preparation

Day 7 of 33

Imitation of Christ, by Thomas á Kempis:  Book 1, Chapter 18, cont.

Outwardly they suffered want but within they were refreshed with grace and Divine consolation.   They were aliens to the world, they seemed as nothing and the world despised them but they were precious and beloved in the sight of God.   

They persevered in true humility, they lived in simple obedience, they walked in charity and patience and so every day they advanced in spirit and gained great favour with God. They were given for example to all religious and ought more to excite us to advance in good, than the number of lukewarm to induce us to grow remiss.

Oh! how great was the fervour of all religious in the beginning of their holy institute!   Oh, how great was their devotion in prayer, how great was their zeal for virtue!   How vigorous the discipline that was kept up, what reverence and obedience, under the rule of the superior, flourished in all!   Their traces that remain still bear witness, that they were truly holy and perfect men who did battle so stoutly and trampled the world under their feet.

Now, he is thought great who is not a transgressor and who can, with patience, endure what he has undertaken.   Ah, the lukewarmness and negligence of our state! that we soon fall away from our first fervour and are even now tired with life, from slothfulness and tepidity.

Oh that advancement in virtue be not quite asleep in thee, who has so often seen the manifold examples of the devout!

Recite: Veni Creator, Ave Maris Stella, Magnificat and Glory Be (See See HERE: )DAY SEVEN- TOTAL CONSECRATION - ST LOUIS DE MONTFORT 23 oct 2018


Thought for the Day – 23 October – The Memorial of St John of Capistrano OFM (1386-1456)

Thought for the Day – 23 October – The Memorial of St John of Capistrano OFM (1386-1456)

It has been said the Christian saints are the world’s greatest optimists.   Not blind to the existence and consequences of evil, they base their confidence on the power of Christ’s redemption.   The power of conversion through Christ extends not only to sinful people but also to calamitous events.

Imagine being born in the 14th century.   One-third of the population and nearly 40 percent of the clergy were wiped out by the bubonic plague.   The Western Schism split the Church with two or three claimants to the Holy See at one time.   England and France were at war.   The city-states of Italy were constantly in conflict.   No wonder that gloom dominated the spirit of the culture and the times.

John Capistrano was born in 1386.   His education was thorough.   His talents and success were great.   When he was 26 he was made governor of Perugia.   Imprisoned after a battle against the Malatestas, he resolved to change his way of life completely.   At the age of 30 he entered the Franciscan novitiate and was ordained a priest four years later.

John’s preaching attracted great throngs at a time of religious apathy and confusion.   He and 12 Franciscan brethren were received in the countries of central Europe as angels of God.   They were instrumental in reviving a dying faith and devotion.

The Franciscan Order itself was in turmoil over the interpretation and observance of the Rule of St Francis.   Through John’s tireless efforts and his expertise in law, the heretical Fraticelli were suppressed and the “Spirituals” were freed from interference in their stricter observance.

John of Capistrano helped bring about a brief reunion with the Greek and Armenian Churches.

When the Turks captured Constantinople in 1453, John was commissioned to preach a crusade for the defence of Europe.   Gaining little response in Bavaria and Austria, he decided to concentrate his efforts in Hungary.   He led the army to Belgrade.   Under the great General John Hunyadi, they gained an overwhelming victory and the siege of Belgrade was lifted.   Worn out by his superhuman efforts, Capistrano was an easy prey to an infection after the battle.   He died on October 23, 1456.

John Hofer, a biographer of John Capistrano, recalls a Brussels organisation named after the saint.   Seeking to solve life problems in a fully Christian spirit, its motto was: “Initiative, Organisation, Activity.”   These three words characterised John’s life.   He was not one to sit around.   His deep Christian optimism drove him to battle problems at all levels with the confidence engendered by a deep faith in Christ.   (Lives of the Saints – Franciscan Media)

St John of Capistrano, Pray for us!

St John’s full biography here: john of capistrano pray for us 23 oct 2018


Quote/s of the Day – 23 October – The Memorial of Blessed Arnold Rèche FSC (1838-1890)

Quote/s of the Day – 23 October – The Memorial of Blessed Arnold Rèche FSC (1838-1890)

“..With the grace of God
that we obtain from prayer,
we can do anything.
All we have to do is to will it.”with the grace of god - bl arnold rche - 23 oct 2018

“We do not stand alone
but in a history,
with men and women like ourselves,
who have heard Your word and said
“Yes” to Your call.”

Blessed Arnold Rèchewe do not stand alone - bl arnold reche - 23 oct 2018


One Minute Reflection – 23 October – Today’s Gospel: Luke 12:35-38

One Minute Reflection – 23 October – Today’s Gospel:  Luke 12:35-38 – Tuesday of the Twenty Ninth week in Ordinary Time, Year B – The Memorial of St John of Capistrano OFM (1386-1456) and The Memorial of Blessed Arnold Rèche FSC (1838-1890)

“Let your loins be girded and your lamps burning … Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes”...Luke 12:35,37

REFLECTION – “Nothing is more certain, in the faith of Christians, than this “appointment”, this appointment with the Lord, when He shall come.   And when this day arrives, we Christians want to be like those servants who spent the night with their loins girded and their lamps burning – we must be ready for the salvation that comes; ready for the encounter.   Have you thought about what that encounter with Jesus will be like, when He comes?   It will be an embrace, an enormous joy, a great joy!   We must live in anticipation of this encounter!”…Pope Francis – General audience, 11 October 2017luke 12 37 blessed are those servants - pope francis - nothing is moe certain - pope francis 23 oct 2018

PRAYER – Lord God, strengthen in our hearts the faith You have given us, so that no trials may quench the fire Your Spirit has kindled within us.   May Your Light shine through our lives and be constantly lit to lead us ready for the day the Lord Jesus calls.   St John of Capistrano and Blessed Arnold Rèche, by your prayers, may our way be made holy. Through Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit, God forever,

bl arnold reche pray for us - 23 oct 2018


Our Morning Offering – 23 October

Our Morning Offering – 23 October – The Memorial of Blessed Arnold Rèche FSC (1838-1890)

Father in Heaven, God of Love
All I Have and Am is Yours
La Sallian Morning Offering

Father in heaven, God of love,
all I have and am is Yours.
Grant that I may become a living sign
of Your compassion in this world.
Grant me the faith
to live my life,
always in the awareness
of Your loving presence.
Grant me zeal
to serve without thought of reward,
those to whom You send me.
Grant me charity,
to bear the burdens of my brothers and sisters.
Teach me to seek Your Son’s face,
in the last,
the lost
and the least.
In whatever I undertake,
may I seek above all things,
to procure Your glory,
as far as I am able
and as You will require of me.
Strengthen me by Your Holy Spirit,
to follow Jesus by living
the commitment I make this day.

Live Jesus in our hearts forever!father in heaven god of love - lasallian prayer no 2 - 23 oct 2018

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Saint of the Day – 23 October – Blessed Arnold Rèche FSC (1838-1890)

Saint of the Day – 23 October – Blessed Arnold Rèche FSC (1838-1890) – French Religious Brother of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian School (LaSallian Brothers) founded by St Jean-Baptiste de La Salle (1651-1719) in 1725 – he assumed the religious name of “Arnould” upon his profession into the congregation and became a noted Teacher, Catechist, Novice Master – born 2 September 1838 at Landroff, Lorraine, France as Nicholas-Jules Reche and died on 23 October 1890 following a cerebral hemorrhage.   Also known as Arnold Jules-Nicolas Rèche, Jules Reche, Julian-Nicolas Rèche, Nicholas-Jules Reche.   Patronage – Teachers.header bl arnold rech - lg

Jules-Nicolas Rèche was born into a poor family living in Landroff in the province of Lorraine.   He left school at an early age to work as a stable-boy, a coachman and finally as a teamster for a local construction company.   Even as a young man he was known among his fellow workers for his piety and his self-discipline.   He first met the De La Salle Brothers while attending evening classes in their school and asked to be admitted into the congregation.

He taught for fourteen years at the boarding school on the Rue de Venise in Reims. Despite the demands of a full teaching schedule he managed by private study to master theology, mathematics, science and agriculture, which he taught to small groups of advanced students.

During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, he worked with other Brothers to care for the medical and spiritual needs of the wounded soldiers on both sides, for which he was awarded the Bronze Cross.

The intensity of his prayer life and his love for practices of penance soon led the superiors to appoint him Director of Novices at Thillois.   He won the hearts of his young charges by his evident solicitude for their spiritual and professional arnoldo_reche

There are stories of little miracles and cures, as well as his uncanny ability to discern their inmost thoughts.   Brother Arnold was known for his devotion to the Lord’s passion and for his docility to the Holy Spirit who, as he often remarked, “strengthens a person’s heart.”   When the novitiate was moved to the new formation centre at Courlancy near Rheims in 1885, Brother Arnold was instrumental in having it dedicated to the Sacred Heart.

He died at age fifty-two with a reputation for sanctity, only a few months after his appointment as Director General of Sacré Coeur.   He was buried in Rheims and his grave became known for being the site of miraculous healings.

He was Beatified on 1 November 1987 by St Pope John Paul II.arnold_reche

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Memorials of the Saints – 23 October

St John of Capistrano OFM “The Soldier Saint” (1386-1456) (Optional Memorial)
St John here:

St Allucio of Campugliano
Bl Anne-Joseph Leroux
St Amo of Toul
St Arethas of Negran
Bl Arnold Reche FSC (1838-1890)

St Benedict of Sebaste
St Clether
St Domitius
St Elfleda
St Ethelfleda
St Gratien of Amiens
St Henry of Cologne
St Ignatius of Constantinople
Bl John Angelo Porro
Bl John Buoni
St John of Syracuse
Oda of Aquitaine
St Phaolô Tong Viet Buong
St Romanus of Rouen
Bl Severinus Boethius
St Severinus of Cologne
Syra of Faremoutiers
St Theodoret of Antioch
Bl Thomas Thwing
St Verus of Salerno

Martyrs of Cadiz – 2 saints
Martyrs of Hadrianopolis – 2 saints
Martyrs of Nicaea – 3 saints
Martyrs of Valenciennes – 6 beati: A group of Urusuline and Briggittine nuns murdered together in the anti-Christian excesses of the French Revolution. They were guillotined on 23 October 1794 in Valenciennes, Nord, France and Beatified on 13 June 1920 by Pope Benedict XV.
• Anne-Joseph Leroux
• Clotilde-Joseph Paillot
• Jeanne-Louise Barré
• Marie-Augustine Erraux
• Marie-Liévine Lacroix
• Marie-Marguerite-Joseph Leroux

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War including Martyrs of Manzanares (7 beati):
• Agapit Gorgues Manresa
• Agustín Nogal Tobar
• Andrés Navarro Sierra
• César Elexgaray Otazua
• Cristóbal González Carcedo
• Dorinda Sotelo Rodríguez
• Eduardo Valverde Rodríguez
• Felipe Basauri Altube
• José María Fernández Sánchez
• Juan Nuñez Orcajo
• Leonardo Olivera Buera
• Manuel Navarro Martínez
• Roque Guillén Garcés
• Toribia Marticorena Sola