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Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary – Day Twelve – 28 October

Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary – Day Twelve – 28 October

Readings and Prayers

12 Day Preparation

Day 12 of 33

Imitation of Christ, by Thomas á Kempis:  Book 1, Chapter 25., cont.

But if you observe anything worthy of reproof, beware you do not the same.   And if at any time you have done it, labour quickly to amend you  rself. As your eye observe others, so are you by others noted again.

How sweet and pleasant a thing it is, to see brethren fervent and devout, obedient and well-disciplined!   How sad and grievous a thing it is, to see them walk disorderly, not applying themselves to that for which they are called!   How hurtful a thing it is, when they neglect the purpose of their calling and busy themselves in things not committed to their care!

Be mindful of the purpose you have embraced and set always before yourself the image of the Crucified.   Good cause you have to be ashamed in looking upon the life of Jesus Christ, seeing you have not as yet endeavoured to conform yourself more unto Him, though you have been a long time in the way of God.

A religious person that exercises himself seriously and devoutly in the most holy life and passion of our Lord, shall there abundantly find whatsoever is profitable and necessary for himself, neither shall he need to seek any better thing, besides Jesus. O if Jesus crucified would come into our hearts, how quickly and fully should we be.   A man fervent and diligent is prepared for all things.

It is harder toil to resist vices and passions, than to sweat in bodily labours.   He that avoids not small faults, by little and little falls into greater.   You will always rejoice in the evening, if you spend the day profitably.   Be watchful over yourself, stir up yourself, warn yourself and whatsoever becomes of others, neglect not yourself.  The more violent means you use against yourself, the more shall you progress. Amen.

Recite:  Veni Creator, Ave Maris Stella, Magnificat and Glory Be (See HERE: )DAY TWELVE - TOTAL CONSECRATION - ST LOUIS DE MONTFORT 28 oct 2018


Sunday Reflection – 28 October – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Sunday Reflection – 28 October – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Recognise in the bread, that same body that hung on the cross 
and in the chalice, that same blood that gushed from His side.

Saint Augustine (354-430)

In the offering that Jesus makes of Himself we find all the novelty of Christian worship. In ancient times men offered in sacrifice to the divinity the animals or first fruits of the earth.   Jesus, instead, offers Himself, His body and His whole existence – He Himself, in person, becomes the sacrifice that the liturgy offers in the Holy Mass.
In fact, with the consecration of the bread and wine they become His true body and blood.
Saint Augustine invited his faithful, not to pause on what appeared to their sight but to go beyond:  “Recognise in the bread — he said — that same body that hung on the cross and in the chalice that same blood that gushed from His side” (Disc. 228 B, 2).
To explain this transformation, theology has coined the word “transubstantiation,” a word that resounded for the first time in this Basilica during the IV Lateran Council, of which in five years will be the 8th centenary.   On that occasion the following expressions were inserted in the profession of faith:  “his body and his blood are truly contained in the sacrament of the altar, under the species of bread and wine, because the bread is transubstantiated into the body and the wine into the blood by divine power” (DS, 802).
Therefore, it is essential to stress, in the itineraries of education of children in the faith, of adolescents and of young people, as well as in “centres of listening” to the Word of God, that in the sacrament of the Eucharist, Christ is truly, really and substantially present.recognise in the bread - st augustine - 28 oct 2018

And let us also keep present that the Eucharist, joined to the cross and resurrection of the Lord, has dictated a new structure to our time.

The Risen One was manifested the day after Saturday, the first day of the week, day of the sun and of creation.   From the beginning, Christians have celebrated their encounter with the Risen One, the Eucharist, on this first day, on this new day of the true sun of history, the Risen Christ.

And thus time always begins again with the encounter with the Risen One and this encounter gives content and strength to everyday life.   Because of this, it is very important for us Christians, to follow this new rhythm of time, to meet with the Risen One on Sunday and thus “to take” with us His presence, which transforms us and transforms our time.

Pope Benedict XVI – 17 June 2010from the beginning, Christians have celebrated - pope benedict - 28 oct 2018


Thought for the Day – 28 October – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B and the Feast of Sts Simon and Jude, Apostles of Christ

Thought for the Day – 28 October – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B and the Feast of Sts Simon and Jude, Apostles of Christ

As in the case of all the apostles except for Peter, James and John, we are faced with men who are really unknown and we are struck by the fact that their holiness is simply taken to be a gift of Christ.   He chose some unlikely people:  a former Zealot, a former (crooked) tax collector, an impetuous fisherman, two “sons f thunder,” and a man named Judas Iscariot.

It is a reminder that we cannot receive too often.   Holiness does not depend on human merit, culture, personality, effort, or achievement.   It is entirely God’s creation and gift. God needs no Zealots to bring about the kingdom by force.   Jude, like all the saints, is the saint of the impossible –  only God can create His divine life in human beings.

And God wills to do so, for all of us.

Sts Simon and Jude, Pray for Us!sts simon and jude - pray for us no 2 - 28 oct 2018


Quote/s of the Day – 28 October – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B and the Feast of Sts Simon and Jude, Apostles of Christ

Quote/s of the Day – 28 October – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B and the Feast of Sts Simon and Jude, Apostles of Christ

Jude, a slave of Jesus Christ
and brother of James,
to those who are called,
beloved in God the Father
and kept safe for Jesus Christ:
may mercy, peace and love
be yours in abundance.

Jude 1:1-2jude 1 1-2 - jude a slave of jesus christ - 28 oct 2018

But you, beloved,
build yourselves up
in your most holy faith,
pray in the holy Spirit.
Keep yourselves in the love of God
and wait for the mercy
of our Lord Jesus Christ
that leads to eternal life.

Jude 1:20-21jude 1 20-21 - but you beloved, build yourselves up - 28 oct 2018


One Minute Reflection – 28 October – Today’s Gospel: Mark 10:46–52 – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B and the Feast of Sts Simon and Jude, Apostles of Christ

One Minute Reflection – 28 October – Today’s Gospel: Mark 10:46–52 – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B and the Feast of Sts Simon and Jude, Apostles of Christ

And Jesus said to him, “Go your way, your faith has made you well.”   And immediately he received his sight and followed him on the way.…Mark 10:52

REFLECTION – “We are always in need of salvation.   And all of us should take this step everyday – from beggars to disciples.   And thus, the blind man sets out behind the Lord, becoming part of His community.   The one they wanted to silence, now witnesses aloud to his encounter with Jesus of Nazareth and “all the people, when they saw it, gave praise to God”.   Let us also allow ourselves to be called by Jesus and let us be healed by Jesus, forgiven by Jesus and let us follow Jesus, praising God.   So be it!”…Pope Francis – General audience, 15 June 2016mark 10 52 and immediately he received his sight - pope francis - we are always in need of - 28 oct 2018

PRAYER – Lord God, You taught us to call upon Your name, through the preaching of the Apostles.   Open our eyes each day, grant that we may see Jesus Your Son at our side, open our ears that we may hear His voice, open our mouths that we may beg forgiveness and proclaim the good news as we follow the way Your Son carved out for us.   At the intercession of Sts Simon and Jude, may Your Church continue to grow and to hope in Your love.   We make our prayer through Jesus our Lord, with the Holy Spirit, God forever, amen.sts simon and jude pray for us 29 oct 2018

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Our Morning Offering – 28 October – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Our Morning Offering – 28 October – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Make Me Pure
(Prayer for the Sanctification of our bodies by Christ’s Body)
By Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

O my God,
teach me to live as one
who truly believes
in the great dignity,
the great sanctity
of this material body
in which You have lodged me.
And, therefore, dear Saviour,
I come often and earnestly,
to be a partaker of Your Holy Body and Blood,
so that by Your unutterable holiness,
I too may be made holy.
O my Lord Jesus,
I believe that our bodies
are the temples
of the Holy Spirit.
Should we not venerate that body
which You feed miraculously
with Your risen Body
and which the Spirit of God,
Your Spirit, inhabits.
O my God, who was nailed to the cross,
‘pierce my flesh with fear of you’
crucify my soul and body
in all that is sinful in them
and make me pure,
as You are pure.
Ameno my god teach me to live as one - bl john henry newman - make me pure - prayer for santification of our bodies by christ's body - 28 oct 2018


Feast of the Apostles – Sts Simon and Jude – 28 October

Feast of the Apostles – Sts Simon and Jude – 28 October Saints- Simon_and_Jude 1

St Simon Apostle of Christ – Apostle, Martyr, Preacher, Evangelist, Missionary – also known as St Simon the Zealot.   Patronages – curriers, sawmen, sawyers, tanners, woodcutters, Monterchi, Italy.   St Simon was called the Cananean or Zealot because of his zeal for the Jewish law;  he was not from Cana, nor a member of the Zealot party.

Like all the Apostles, he was a convert and was trained by Saint Peter the Apostle.   He evangelised in Egypt and Mesopotamia, though there are traditions of him being in several other locations.   He was a Martyr for the faith but several places claim to have been the site of his martyrdom and in several different ways too.   St Simon’s main attribute is a serrated saw as it is believed that he was he was sawn in half at Suanir, Persia.   Many locations claim to have relics including Toulouse, France and Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy.

UNKNOWN CARAVAGGIST st simon apostle

St Jude Apostle of Christ – Martyr, Evangelist, Preacher, Missionary, Writer – also known as – Jude of James, Judas Thaddaeus, Jude, brother of Jesus – Patronages – Armenia, lost cause, desperate situations, hospitals,  the Chicago Police Department, 13 cities,  the Philippines.   Saint Jude’s attribute is a club.   He is also often shown in icons with a flame around his head.   This represents his presence at Pentecost, when he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles.   Another common attribute is Jude holding an image of Jesus Christ, known as the Image of Edessa.   In some instances, he may be shown with a scroll or a book (the Epistle of Jude) or holding a carpenter’s rule.
His patronage of lost or impossible causes traditionally derives from confusion by many early Christians between Jude and the traitor Judas Iscariot – not understanding the difference between the names, they never prayed for Jude’s help and devotion to him became something of a lost cause.
He was beaten to death with a club, then beheaded post-mortem in 1st century Persia. His relics are at Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy, at Rheims, France and at Toulouse, France.lienzo-tela-san-juJude das-tadeo-apostol-arte-sacro-50-x-60-cm-D_NQ_NP_617705-MLM25071735870_092016-F

Simon was a simple Galilean, a brother of Jesus, as the ancients called one’s close relatives — aunts, uncles, first cousins.    He was one of the Saviour’s four first cousins, with James the Less, Jude and Joseph, all sons of Mary, the wife of Alpheus, or Cleophas, either name being a derivative of the Aramaic Chalphai.   The latter was the brother of Saint Joseph, according to tradition.   All the sons of this family were raised at Nazareth near the Holy Family.  (See the Gospel of Saint Matthew 13:53-58.)   Simon, Jude and James were called by Our Lord to be Apostles, pillars of His Church and Joseph the Just was His loyal disciple.

Saint Simon the Zealot or the Zealous, was the name this Apostle bore among the twelve. He preached in Egypt, Mauritania (Spain) and Lybia, leaving behind him the fertile hills of Galilee, where he had been engaged in the healthful cultivation of the vineyards and olive gardens.   He later rejoined his brother, Saint Jude, in Persia, where they laboured and died together (other traditions of their deaths in different locations exist too).   At first they were respected by the king, for they had manifested power over two ferocious tigers who had terrorised the land.   With the king, sixty thousand Persians became Christians and churches rose over the ruins of the idolatrous temples.   But the ancient enemy, who never sleeps, rose up and when the two went elsewhere the pagans commanded them to sacrifice to the sun which led to their martyrdom.Scuola Renana, The Martyrdoms of Saints Simon and Jude, 15th cen

Saint Jude has left us a short but powerful epistle, written after the death of his brother James, bishop of Jerusalem and addressed to the new Christians being tempted by false brethren and heretics.sts simon and jude - tumblr_ofqxb9TV5T1rfr4hno5_400


Feast of Sts Simon and Jude Apostles of Christ, the Lord of Miracles and Memorials of the Saints – 28 October

St Jude Thaddeus Apostle (Feast)

St Simon the Apostle/the Zealot (Feast)

Lord of Miracles/Señor de los Milagros de Nazarenas:   A mid-17th-century painting of the Crucifixion that is venerated in Lima, Peru and its celebration involves one of the largest processions in the world.

It was painted by an unnamed African taken to Peru as a slave from what is now Angola. Above the cross is the Holy Spirit and God the Father.   Below and to the right of Jesus is His mother, the Virgin Mary with her heart pierced by a sword of sorrow.   Kneeling and weeping at the foot of the cross is St Mary Magdalene.

The name originated on 13 November 1655 when everything around it was destroyed in an earthquake that left the painting standing and undamaged.   Christ is shown enduring the pain of crucifixion.
Every year in October, hundreds of thousands of devotees from all races and economic backgrounds participate in a procession honouring the image through the streets of Lima.   Boulevards are decorated in purple on 18,19 and the final Feast 28 October to celebrate the Lord of Miracles.578px-SeñordelosMilagrosNazarenas

St Abdias of Babylon
St Abraham of Ephesus
St Alberic of Stavelot
St Anastasia the Elder
St Anglinus of Stavelot
St Cyril of Rome
St Cyrilla of Rome
St Diomedes the Younger
St Dorbhene of Iona
St Eadsin of Canterbury
St Elius of Lyon
St Faro of Meaux
St Ferrutius
St Fidelis of Como
St Genesius of Thiers
Bl Germain of Talloires
St Gioan Dat
St Godwin of Stavelot
St Maria Ascuncion
St Remigius of Lyons
St Rodrigo Aguilar Aleman
St Salvius of Amiens

Martyrs of Avila – 3 saints: Two sisters and a brother who, during a period of persecution, fled Talavera de la Reina, Spain, were caught and executed. Martyrs: Christeta, Sabina and Vincent. 303 in Avila, Spain.

Martyred in China:
St Francis Serrano
St Francisco Díaz del Rincón
St Joaquin Royo-Perez
St Juan Alcober Figuera

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Claudio Julían García San Román
• Blessed José Ruiz Bruixola
• Blessed Leoncio Lope García
• Blessed Salvador Damián Enguix Garés