Thought for the Day – 15 February

Thought for the Day – 15 February

St Claude was an amazingly gifted man and he recognised that his gifts should be put at the service of others.   He spent himself in the service of Christ and was chosen to direct someone with an important mission to the whole Church of Christ.   He is recognised for his important decisions, decisions that may be helpful to contemplate as we enter the Lenten season:  1) to sacrifice his earthly desires to serve the Lord;   2) to honour his call to the vows of the Jesuits;   3) to recognise the truth in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and propagate the devotion;   4) to go where the Lord would have him, suffering without complaint;   and 5) to continue unafraid and undeterred in preaching the Good News.   Saint Claude la Colombière never lost sight of the Lord, never gave up hope, never let his confidence be shaken in the total love and mercy of God.   How often can we say the same of ourselves?

At his Canonisation, St John Paul said “A true companion of Saint Ignatius, Claude learned to master his strong sensitivity.   He humbly maintained a sense of “his wretchedness” so as to rely only on his hope in God and his trust in grace.   He resolutely took the way of holiness.   He adhered with all his being to the Constitutions and Rules of the Society, rejecting all tepidness. Fidelity and obedience were expressed, before God, by the “desire … for trust, love, resignation and perfect sacrifice”

Aspiration to Jesus, my Friend by St Claude 

Jesus! You are my true Friend, my only Friend. You take a part in all my misfortunes, You take them on Yourself; You know how to change them into blessings.

You listen to me with the greatest kindness when I relate my troubles to You, and You have always balm to pour on my wounds. I find You everywhere. You never go away! If I have to change my dwelling, I find You there wherever I go. You are never weary of listening to me. You are never tired of doing me good. I am certain of being beloved by You if I love You; my goods are nothing to You, and by bestowing Yours on me You never grow poor; however miserable I may be, no one more noble or holier can come between You and me and deprive me of Your friendship; and Death, which tears us away from all other friends, will unite me forever to You. All the humiliations attached to old age, or to the loss of honor, will never detach You from me; on the contrary, I shall never enjoy You more fully, and You will never be closer to me than when everything seems to conspire against me, to overwhelm me, and to cast me down.

You bear with all my faults with extreme patience, and even my want of fidelity and my ingratitude do not wound You to such a degree as to make You unwilling to receive me back when I return to You, or to come to me when I call on You. O Jesus! grant that I may die praising You, that I may die for the love of You.  

St Claude Pray for us!





Quote/s of the Day – 15 February

Quote/s of the Day – 15 February

“God is in the midst of us, or rather, we are in the midst of Him; wherever we are, He sees us and touches us: at prayer, at work, at table, at recreation.”

“God is more honoured by a single Mass
than He could be by all the actions of angels
and men together, however fervent and heroic they might be.
Yet, how FEW hear Mass with the intention of giving God
this sublime honour!
How FEW think with joy on the glory a Mass gives to God.
How FEW rejoice to possess the means of honouring Him
as He deserves! . . .
If we only knew the treasure we hold in our hands!”

~~~ St Claude de la Colombiere.



St Claude has been a dear friend of mine since I discovered his writings quite some years ago. . I count on his intercession. I turn to him when I feel my heart is tired and a little cold and distressed.   This Saint of Hearts is a most willing guide leading us to the warmest Heart of Christ full of Mercy and Love.

The Franciscan Saint John Wall O.F.M. (Joachim of Saint Anne), who was martyred for the crime of being a Catholic priest near Redhill, Corcester, England on August 22nd, 1679, knew Saint Claude.   After having spent a night in spiritual conversation with him, the soon–to–be martyr said, “When I was in his presence I thought that I was dealing with Saint John returned to earth to rekindle that fire of love in the Heart of Christ.”



One Minute Reflection – 15 February

One Minute Reflection – 15 February

Cast me not out of your presence
and your Holy Spirit take not from me……….Psalm 51:13

REFLECTION – “When the Holy Spirit is in a soul, He communicates Himself in one way or another.    We can say that He makes virtue contagious and turns a simple faithful into an apostle.”………St Claude de la Colombiere

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, grant that Your Holy Spirit may inspire me to be a true follower of Your Son, Jesus the Christ. May He dwell in me always and keep me ever on the path of holiness. Holy God, may He turn me too into an apostle like St Claude! St Claude de la Colombiere, please pray for us all, amen!



Our Morning Offering – 15 February

Our Morning Offering – 15 February

Lord, be the Centre of Our Hearts
by St Claude La Colombiere

O God, what will You do to conquer
the fearful hardness of our hearts?
Lord, You must give us new hearts,
tender hearts, sensitive hearts, to replace hearts
that are made of marble and of bronze.
You must give us Your own Heart, Jesus.
Come, lovable Heart of Jesus.
Place Your Heart deep in the centre of our hearts
and enkindle in each heart a flame of love
as strong, as great, as the sum of all the reasons
that I have for loving You, my God.
O holy Heart of Jesus, dwell hidden in my heart,
so that I may live only in You and only for You,
so that, in the end, I may live with You eternally in heaven, amen.


The Mosaic in the Shrine Chapal of St Claude at Paray-de-Monial, France (detail) see full image on previous post



Saint of the Day – 15 February – St Claude de la Colombiere S.J.

Saint of the Day – 15 February – St Claude de la Colombiere S.J.  (1641-1682) – Religious, priest, confessor, missionary, writer, spiritual director “Disciple of the Sacred Heart” – Patron of toy-makers, turners and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

All our life is sown with tiny thorns that produce in our hearts a thousand involuntary movements of hatred, envy, fear, impatience, a thousand little fleeting disappointments, a thousand slight worries, a thousand disturbances that momentarily alter our peace of soul. For example, a word escapes that should not have been spoken. Or someone utters another that offends us. A child inconveniences you. A bore stops you. You don’t like the weather. Your work is not going according to plan. A piece of furniture is broken. A dress is torn. I know that these are not occasions for practicing very heroic virtue. But they would definitely be enough to acquire it if we really wished to.
—Claude la Colombiére

St. Claude la Colombiére was one of the most effective preachers of the 17th century. Against this heretical view that humans could not obey God without the intervention of overpowering grace, he celebrated our freedom to choose submission.   Calmly accepting even the tiniest vexations, as he argued above, could be chances to surrender to God.

At 17, Claude said, he overcame a temporary revulsion against religious life and joined the Jesuits at Avignon.    His earliest assignments included teaching boys grammar and tutoring the sons of J. B. Colbert, finance minister to King Louis XIV.   When he turned 33, Claude made his profession as a Jesuit.   Reflecting on the significance of Christ’s 33rd year, he decided he must die more completely to himself.   Thus he made a promise to follow exactly the Jesuit rule and to obey his superiors without question. “It seems right, dear Lord,” he wrote, “that I should live in you and for you alone, at the age when you died for all and for me in particular.”

The next year he was made head of the Jesuit college at Paray-le-Monial, where he met St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.   As her spiritual director, (and she received confirmation in her heart that he was the one the Lord had sent her) he assured her of the authenticity of her revelations about the Sacred Heart.   His writings provided a sound theological basis for the devotion and his preaching helped spread it.

Upon meeting her, Saint Claude immediately recognized her humble sanctity and acknowledged the truth of her claims.   She told him of her communications with the Lord, which he encouraged her to write down in detail.   Convinced through prayer and meditation that it was the will of God for others to hear of these communications, he later compiled these visions into a book and devoted himself to spreading the message of God’s love.

“The love of Our Lord’s Heart was in no way diminished by the treason of Judas, the flight of the apostles, and the persecution of his enemies. Jesus was only grieved at the harm they did themselves;  His sufferings helped to assuage His grief because He saw in tham a remedy for the sins committed by His enemies.   The Sacred Heart was full of most tender love; there was no bitterness in it; no cruelty and injustice that He received moved it to feelings other than those of compassion and affection.”


In 1676, because of his reputation for holiness and oratory, Claude was sent to London as preacher to Mary Beatrice d’Este, duchess of York.   He became well-known not only for his finely-tuned sermons but also for encouraging persecuted Catholics, restoring lapsed Catholics and converting Protestants.   Saint Claude continued his good work in England until 1678 when he, along with many priests and religious, were accused of involvement in a “Papist Plot” to assassinate and wrest power from King Charles II.   Saint Claude was thrown into prison, where he languished in horrible conditions, until the intervention of the Duchess of York and King Louis XIV.   He was released and returned to France but his imprisonment had taken a serious toll on his health.   He rapidly deteriorated and died on the first Sunday of Lent in 1682. He is considered a “dry martyr,” having long-suffered for the Lord.

When the news reached the Visitation monastery on the following morning, Saint Margaret Mary immediately urged her community:  “Pray for him and get everyone else to pray for him.”   However, at sometime around eleven that morning, she stopped praying, smiling and declared: “Stop worrying about him. Invoke him; have no fear, he is more powerful than ever to help you.”   The prioress of the order, Mother M. Greyfie, gently inquired as to why she had felt the urge to stop praying.   Generally, Margaret Mary would ask for prayers or mortifications when someone died.   Saint Margaret Mary replied with an expression of great joy: “Father La Colombière has no further need of them. He is now in a position to pray for us, so well placed is he in heaven by the goodness and mercy of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord.”

Devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus only grew. Saint Margaret Mary continued to seek the intercession of Saint Claude for the next eight years, until she died, praying,   “O Blessed Father Claude la Colombiere, I take you for my intercessor before the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.    Obtain for me from His goodness the grace not to resist the designs He has on my soul and to make me a more perfect imitator of the virtues of His Divine Heart.”


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Saints for 15 February

St Agape of Terni
Bl Angelus de Scarpetti
St Berach of Kilbarry
St Claude de la Colombierre
St Craton
St Decorosus of Capua
St Dochow
St Druthmar of Corvey
St Eusebius of Asehia
St Farannan of Iona
St Faustinus
St Faustus of Monte Cassino
St Georgia
St Joseph of Antioch
St Jovita
St Onesimus the Slave
St Quinidius of Vaison
St Severus of Abruzzi
St Walfrid

Martyrs of Antioch – 5 saint
A group of Christians murdered together. We know the names of five of them – Agapev, Baralo, Isicio, Joseph and Zosimus.

Martyrs of Passae

Martyrs of Prague – 14 beati – Franciscan Friars Minor martyred together by a mob led by Lutherans.

Martyrs of Sweden

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War
Bl Pere Vallmitjana Abarca


Novena to St Claude de la Colombiere -DAY NINE – 15 February

St Claude de la Colombiere S.J. (1641-1682 Memorial 15 February) was the spiritual director of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and helped immensely to bring the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the world.   He is known as the faithful servant and perfect friend to the Sacred Heart.   Please join us in saying this Novena, not only for our own needs but that through the power of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the whole world and it’s many ills, may benefit.


O Lord Jesus Christ,
You promised to bestow abundant blessings
on all the undertakings of those who honour your Sacred Heart.
Hear our humble, confident and incessant prayers
and grant us the grace we ask of Your infinite mercy in this novena.
We ask it through the intercession of St Claude La Colombiere,
whom You have honoured with the title ‘faithful servant and perfect friend’
and who had such filial, unbounded and unwearied confidence in You.
O St Claude, most ardent apostle of the Divine Heart of Jesus,
deign to intercede for me with this divine heart,
that I may obtain the grace I ask for in this novena.
(make your request)
Divine Lord,
You deigned to make St Claude the faithful servant and wonderful lover of your Sacred Heart.
Grant us, through his intercession,
the grace to imitate the virtues of this divine heart
and be inflamed by its love.
We ask You this,
You who lives and reigns with God the Father
and the Holy Spirit forever and ever.
Our Father…Hail Mary…Glory be…
Pray for us, St Claude, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ, amen.