For those who have not read this little book and to refresh myself, I will be posting the entire book in daily doses.  Let us begin with the Foreword.   (To read later find in the Purgatory Category).


Our Lord came on earth expressly to give us a perfect Redemption.   He gave
us a Law of Love, a Religion in every way to suit our human hearts,
destined to make us holy and happy.   His Commandments, counsels and promises
all breathe peace, joy, mercy and love.

The idea that nearly all of us shall, notwithstanding, have to pass a
period more or less long in the excruciating fires of Purgatory after death
seems to be at variance with this all-merciful and all-loving plan of our
Divine Lord.

It is true that we are weak and fall many times and that God’s justice is
rigorous and exacting but it is equally certain that God’s mercy and love
are above all His works.

It is no less certain that Our Lord has given us abundant grace and
strength to save us from sin and many (and most efficacious) means of
satisfying for any sins that we may have committed.   This last fact seems to
be almost entirely overlooked, or imperfectly understood by the majority of

Of course, those who go on deliberately sinning and who make no effort to
correct their faults and refuse to use the many wonderful means God offers
them for satisfying for sin, condemn themselves to Purgatory.

The object of this little book is to show how we can avoid Purgatory by
using the means God has so generously offered us, and, secondly, to show
that the use of these means is within the reach of every ordinary

The careful perusal of these pages will be a source of much benefit and
consolation to all who read them.

The author offers them to the loving Heart of Jesus and asks Him to bless



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Thought for the Day – 17 February

Thought for the Day – 17 February

Since criminals and people with evil purposes often band together for their common interests, good people often have to do the same.   Faced with the immorality and blood feuds of thirteenth century Florence, the Seven Holy Founders banded together for their own spiritual good and succeeded in founding a whole new religious order.   Good companions are on of the most powerful helps toward a holy life,  for all of us are faced in a new and urgent way with the challenge to make our lives decisively centred in Christ.   In this new day, we often find those ‘good companions’ online, let us too band together and live a holy life amidst the dangers around us!

Seven Holy Founders, Pray for us!




Quote/s of the Day – 17 February

Quote/s of the Day – 17 February

“Mary means enlightener, because She brought forth the Light of the world. In the Syriac tongue, Mary signifies Lady.”
~~~~~ St Isidore of Seville

“Let me say something concerning this name also, which is interpreted to mean Star of the sea, and admirably suits the Virgin Mother.”
~~~~~ St Bernard

“Mary means Star of the sea, for as mariners are guided to port by the ocean star, so Christians attain to glory through Mary’s maternal intercession.”
~~~~~St Thomas Aquinas

“God the Father gathered all the waters together
and called them the seas or maria [Latin, seas].
He gathered all His grace together
and called it Mary or Maria . . .
This immense treasury is none other than Mary
whom the Saints call the ‘treasury of the Lord.’
From Her fullness all men are made rich.”
~~~~~ St Louis de Montfort

“This most holy, sweet and worthy name was ’eminently fitted to so holy, sweet and worthy a virgin. For Mary means a bitter sea, star of the sea, the illuminated or illuminatrix. Mary is interpreted Lady. Mary is a bitter sea to the demons; to men She is the Star of the sea; to the Angels She is illuminatrix, and to all creatures She is Lady .”
~~~~~St Bonaventure

“When you find yourself tossed by the raging storms on this great sea of life, far from land, keep your eyes fixed on this Star to avoid disaster. When the winds of temptation or the rocks of tribulation threaten, look up to the Star, call upon Mary!”
~~~~~ St Bernard



One Minute Reflection – 17 February

One Minute Reflection – 17 February

O children, listen to me; instruction and wisdom do not reject!…………Proverbs 8:32-33

REFLECTION – “Let Mary never be far from your lips
and from your heart.
Following her, you will never lose your way.
Praying to her, you will never sink into despair.
Contemplating her, you will never go wrong.”
……St Bernardine of Siena

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, grant me the grace to have Mary as my constant intercessor. Allow me to reach out to her as my mother, to lead me to her Son, for she is Your beloved Daughter, who carried Your Son to us in order that we might see our way and be able to reach our home in heaven. Holy Founders of the Servites, pray for us all that we may be blessed by the intercession and protection of Mary our Mother and please pray for us all, amen.




Our Morning Offering – 17 February

Our Morning Offering – 17 February

From the Servite Vigil of our Lady I

Loving Mother,
woman of prayer,
we turn to you and pray:
support our prayers
for ourselves,
for all your Servants,
for our friends and families,
for those who share the Christian faith
and for every person on earth
that all may know peace and salvation.

Ask the Father that we may truly know Christ,
be filled with the gifts of the Spirit,
protected in all adversity
and freed from every evil.
Help us to build God’s kingdom:
a kingdom of everlasting praise,
a kingdom of justice and peace
that will endure forever and ever.
R. Amen.


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Saint of the Day – 17 February -Seven Founders of Servants of Mary “the Servites”

Seven Founders of Servants of Mary – OSM – Founded 15 August 1233 – Mendicant Order
• Sts Alexis Falconieri – Founder and Mystic (1200-1310) Patron of city of Orvieto (Italy)
• St Bartholomew degli Amidei
• St Benedict dell’Antella
• St Buonfiglio Monaldi
• St Gherardino Sostegni
• St Hugh dei Lippi-Uguccioni
• St John Buonagiunta Monetti


The Servite Order is one of the five original Catholic mendicant orders.   Its objects are the sanctification of its members, preaching the Gospel and the propagation of devotion to the Mother of God, with special reference to her sorrows.    The members of the Order use O.S.M. (Ordo Servorum Beatae Mariae Virginis) as their post-nominal letters.    The male members are known as Servite Friars or Servants of Mary.   The Order of Servants of Mary (The Servites) is a religious family that embraces a membership of friars (priests and brothers), contemplative nuns, a congregation of active sisters and lay groups.


This is the story of seven young men, caught up in the blood feuds of medieval Florence, who set out into the wilderness to live a holy life.   They were from prominent families in Florence:  two were married, two were widowers and they all belonged to a religious fraternity called the Laudesi.   The chaplain of Laudesi was a priests, James Poggibonsi, who later joined them in their wilderness retreat.

After settling their personal affairs and making provision fo the families of those who were married, they began to live a life of prayer and penance, some going to Carfaggio, just outside the city and the others retiring to Mount Senario, deeper in the wilderness.   At the suggestion of the Dominican Preacher, St Peter Martyr, they decided to found a community.   Taking the rule of St Augustine and a version of the Dominican habit from St Pter, they took the name Servants of Mary, the name of a confraternity founded by St Peter Martyr.   The bishop of Florence approved the community and they were taken under the protection of the Holy See in 1249.

They are known as the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order, their individual names are above and they were canonised as a group by Pope Leo XIII in 1888.

In 1253, St Philip Benezi entered the Order and during his term of office as Superior General, the order spread throughout Italy and other parts of Europe.   At the suggestion of the bishop of Florence, they modified their strict onastic form of life and took on the character of mendicant friars.   They now have houses on every continent, including missions in Africa and South America.

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Saints – 17 February

Seven Founders of Servants of Mary (Optional Memorial)
• Sts Alexis Falconieri
• St Bartholomew degli Amidei
• St Benedict dell’Antella
• St Buonfiglio Monaldi
• St Gherardino Sostegni
• St Hugh dei Lippi-Uguccioni
• St John Buonagiunta Monetti

St Alexis Falconieri – SEVEN HOLY FOUNDERS
St Antoni Leszczewicz
St Bartholomew degli Amidei – SEVEN HOLY FOUNDERS
St Benedict dell’Antella – SEVEN HOLY FOUNDERS
St Benedict of Cagliari
St Buonfiglio Monaldi – SEVEN HOLY FOUNDERS
St Bonosus of Trier
Bl Constabilis of Cava
St Donatus the Martyr
Bl Elisabetta Sanna
St Evermod of Ratzeburg
St Faustinus the Martyr
St Finan of Iona
St Fintan of Clonenagh
St Flavian of Constantinople
St Fortchern of Trim
St Gherardino Sostegni – SEVEN HOLY FOUNDERS
St Guevrock
St Habet-Deus
St Hugh dei Lippi-Uguccioni – SEVEN HOLY FOUNDERS
St John Buonagiunta Monetti – SEVEN HOLY FOUNDERS
St Julian of Caesarea
St Loman of Trim
Bl Luke Belludi
St Lupiano
Bl Martí Tarrés Puigpelat
St Mesrop the Teacher
St Petrus Yu Chong-nyul
St Polychronius of Babylon
St Romulus the Martyr
St Secundian the Martyr
St Silvinus of Auchy
St Theodulus of Caesarea
Bl William Richardson