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Chapter 11


Among the extraordinary graces which Catholics gain by becoming members of
a Third Order is a share in many Masses and prayers.

To mention, for instance, the Third Order of Saint Dominic, Pope Benedict
XV, himself a Tertiary, said: “One of the easiest and most effectual ways
of reaching a high degree of sanctity is by becoming a Dominican Tertiary”

The members of this order receive during life a share every day in
thousands of Masses and prayers, and after death, when, alas, so many are
neglected by their relatives, those who are members of this Third Order
have a share daily in thousands of other Masses and prayers, this for as
long as they remain in Purgatory!

Among the many beautiful characteristics of the Order of St. Dominic is its
intense devotion and love for the Holy Souls, especially for the souls of
its members, friends and benefactors.   So true is this that a young Italian
nobleman who consulted the Pope as to which religious order he would do
well to enter received for answer: “My dear son, you may with much profit
join any of the Orders, for in each you will find abundant means of
becoming a Saint. After death, however, be a Dominican” The Holy Father
meant to imply that the suffrages given after death to their deceased
members are, indeed, most abundant in the Dominican Order.

The conditions of becoming a member of this order are so easy and the
advantages so many that half the world would become Dominican Tertiaries
did they know these advantages.


Investigate and do something TODAY!



Lenten Preparation Novena

REFLECTION – “Give back some of God’s gifts to God, that you may safely enjoy the rest. Fast, or watch, or abound in alms, or be instant in prayer, or deny yourselves society, or pleasant books, or easy clothing, or take on you some irksome task or employment; do one or other, or some, or all of these, unless you say that you have never sinned and may go like Esau with a light heart to take your crown”

“But, O ye sons and daughters of men, what if this fair weather but ensure the storm afterwards? what if it be, that the nearer you attain to making yourselves as gods on earth now, the greater pain lies before you in time to come, or even (if it must be said), the more certain becomes your ruin when time is at an end? Come down, then, from your high chambers at this season to avert what else may be. Sinners as ye are, act at least like the prosperous heathen, who threw his choicest trinket into the water, that he might propitiate fortune. Let not the year go round and round, without a break and interruption in its circle of pleasures. Give back some of God’s gifts to God, that you may safely enjoy the rest. Fast, or watch, or abound in alms, or be instant in prayer, or deny yourselves society, or pleasant books, or easy clothing, or take on you some irksome task or employment; do one or other, or some, or all of these, unless you say that you have never sinned and may go like Esau with a light heart to take your crown. Ever bear in mind that Day which will reveal all things and will test all things “so as by fire” and which will bring us into judgment ere it lodges us in heaven.” (Blessed John Henry Newman)


Lenten Preparation Novena


O gracious Father,
infuse in our hearts
the spotless light of Your Divine Wisdom
and open the eyes of our mind
that we may understand the teachings of Your Gospel.
Instill in us also the fear of Your blessed commandments,
so that having curbed all carnal desires,
we may lead a spiritual life,
both thinking and doing everything to please You.
Help us to see,
in our ordinary difficulties and duties,
in the trials and temptations of every day,
the best opportunity of making up for past infidelities.
United with Your Son, who makes His way to Calvary,
I offer You my intention
(Mention your intention)
For You, our God,
are the enlightenment of our souls and bodies;
and to You we render glory,
together with Your Suffering Son,
and with Your all holy,
life-creating Spirit,
now and ever, and forever. Amen


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Thought for the Day – 28 February

Thought for the Day – 28 February

After having renounced everything, one can still worship other idols, such as fame and name.   To be able to enjoy ‘hundred-fold’, one must detach oneself from ‘self’.   A true disciple is not the one who has left all material possessions to follow Jesus, rather the one who has given up the home of self-prestige, brother hatred, sister gossiping, mother backbiting, father pride and child selfishness.   When a person is free from such entanglements, she or he will receive a hundred times more the home of humanness, brother love, sister charity, mother understanding, father humility and child generosity.   This is the way one obtains eternal life.   It is easier to be a philanthropic than a disciple.   The former gives from abundance and earns worldwide praises;  the latter strives hard to let go the wealth of ego and receives mockery and persecution.   Only those who walk the talk can teach the value of renunciation and commitment.  (Sr Virginia Rajakumari SAB)

Lord, Lord help us all!

Veronica’s veil, by Claude Mellan (c. 1649).800px-claude_mellan_-_face_of_christ_-_wga14764



Quote of the Day – 28 February

Quote of the Day – 28 February

“Those on earth who contemplate the wounds of My Face

shall in heaven behold it radiant with glory.”


Jesus to Sr Mary of St Peter in 1844 and dictated The Golden Arrow Prayer




One Minute Reflection – 28 Februa

One Minute Reflection – 28 February

Whoever wishes to be my follower
must take up his cross each day
and follow in my footsteps…………..Luke 9:23

REFLECTION – Let the primary desire of your heart be to stir up in yourselves an ardent and affectionate desire to imitate Jesus in all your works.
Strive to do everything as the Lord Himself would do……………St John of the Cross

PRAYER – Lord Jesus, help me to pattern my life after You.  Grant that I may imitate You completely – in all my thoughts, words and deeds.  May Your Holy Face be before my eyes in every moment, in every word, in every deed.    Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner!  Amen




Our Morning Offering – 28 February

Our Morning Offering – 28 February

Almighty and Eternal Father,
since it has pleased Our Divine Saviour
to reveal to mankind in modern times
the power residing in His Holy Face,
we now avail ourselves of this Treasure
in our great need.
Since our Saviour Himself promised
that by offering to You His Holy Face
disfigured in the Passion we can procure
the settlement of all the affairs of our household
and that nothing whatsoever will be refused to us,
we now come before Your throne.
Eternal Father, turn away Your angry gaze
from our guilty people whose face has
become unsightly in Your eyes.
Look instead upon the Face of Your Beloved Son;
for this is the Face of Him in whom You are well pleased.
We now offer You His Holy Face covered
with blood, sweat, dust, spittle and shame,
in reparation for the worst crimes of our age.
The All-Merciful Advocate opens His mouth
to plead our cause; listen to His cries,
behold His tears, O God and,
through the merits of His Holy Face,
hearken to Him when He intercedes
for us poor miserable sinners.



Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus – 28 February – Shrove Tuesday

Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus – 28 February – Shrove Tuesday


This ancient and venerable Catholic practice is rooted in the representation of the face of Christ said to have been left on the towel or veil used by a holy woman thought to be named, Veronica.   An Archconfraternity of the Holy Face was established in Tours, France, 1884;  its members make reparation for the blasphemies hurled at Christ.   Since St. Therese’s devotion to the Holy Face has become known, this devotion has spread worldwide.


In addition, a devout and pious nun, Sr. Pierina, who died in 1945, was given many visions through Our Blessed Lady who appeared to her, as did Our Lord Jesus.  They urged her to make reparation for the many insults Jesus suffered in His Passion, such as to be slapped, spit upon and kissed by Judas, as well as now being dishonoured in many ways in the Blessed Sacrament by neglect, sacrileges, and profanations.

She was given a medal which on one side bore a replica of the Holy Shroud and the inscription: “Illumina, Domine, vultum tuum super nos.” [O Lord, the light of Thy countenance shine upon us.]   On the reverse side was a radiant host with the words: “Mane nobiscum, Domine.” [Stay with us, O Lord.]    After great difficulties, Sr. Pierina obtained permission to have the medal cast.    Even the expenses for the casting were miraculously met when she found on her desk an envelope with the exact amount of the bill—–11,200 lire.

The Evil Spirit showed his chagrin and rage at the medals by flinging them down and burning the pictures of the Sacred Face and beating the nun savagely.

In 1940, when the Second World War had the world in turmoil, Italy saw a wide distribution of the medal: soldiers, sailors and pilots were provided with the replica of the Holy Face since the medal was already famous for its miracles and countless spiritual and temporal favours.

In Our Blessed Mother’s own word, the medal is a weapon for defense, a shield for courage, a token of love and mercy and which her Divine Son wished to give the world in these troubled days of lust and hatred for God and His Church.   Devilish snares have been set to rob the hearts of men of their faith while evil spreads the world over. Genuine apostles are few.   A Divine remedy to all these evils will be the Adorable Face of her Son, Jesus.

Whoever wears this medal and, if possible, pays a visit to the Blessed Sacrament on Tuesday in a spirit of reparation for the outrages received by the Holy Face of Our Blessed Saviour during His Passion and those bestowed on Him every day in the Sacrament of His Divine Love, will be granted the gift of a strong Faith and the grace to fly to its defense, conquering if need be, all exterior and interior difficulties.   Moreover, they are promised a happy death with special assistance of Christ Himself.

The very first medal of the Holy Face was offered to our glorious Pontiff, Pius XII; then the whole world became acquainted with this special object of holy favours and devotion.   No soldier taken as a prisoner of war and who wore the medal was ever executed.   Our Blessed Lord requested that a special feast be instituted to honor His Holy Face on Shrove Tuesday. Pope St. Pius XII obeyed and had this day set aside to honour the Holy Face in 1958.

When Venerable Pope Pius XII granted that the Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus be observed on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, he fulfilled the desire of Our Lord that His sorrowful Holy Face be contemplated in reparation for our sins.  The history and tradition of venerating His Holy Face began on the day of His crucifixion and continues through the centuries with the help of holy men and women chosen by  Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother to propagate this devotion.

The bloodied, bruised, disfigured face of Jesus was imprinted on a veil as St. Veronica comforted Christ by wiping His face on the road to Calvary.   The original veil is kept at St. Peter’s Basilica and is displayed every Passion Sunday.   The image of the face on the Shroud of Turin provides another opportunity of veneration of the Holy Face.




In his 2005 book On the Way to Jesus Christ, Pope Benedict XVI performed an analysis of Holy Face devotions and characterised them as having three separate components.   The first element is discipleship, and the orientation of one’s life towards an encounter with Jesus. The second element is seeing Jesus in the Eucharist, the third element is eschatological and is interwoven between the other two.

Referring to Matthew 25:31-36 Benedict XVI stated that the first element (i.e. discipleship) involves seeing Jesus in the face of the poor and the oppressed and caring for them but to properly see Jesus in the face of those in need, believers first need to become better acquainted with Jesus through the Eucharist.   The second element involves relating the Passion of Jesus, and the suffering expressed by the images that represent his wounded face to the Eucharistic experience.   Thus the devotion that starts with the images of the face of Jesus leads to his contemplation in the Eucharistic experience.    The eschatological element then builds on awakening to Christ by contemplating his face in the Eucharist



Saints and Feasts – 28 February – Shrove Tuesday

Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus
Shrove Tuesday (2017) – Derivation: Old English: to shrive, i.e., hear confessions. Monday and Tuesday (also sometimes the preceding Thursday) before Ash Wednesday, known in southern Europe as the Carnival (carnem levare, taking away of flesh); a period of festivity before Lent.

Antonia of Florence
Augustus Chapdelaine
St Caerealis
St Caerealis of Alexandria
St Cyra of Beroea
Bl Daniel Brottier
St Ermine
St Gaius of Alexandria
St Pope Hilary/Hilarius
St Justus the Potter
St Llibio
St Macarius the Potter
St Maidoc
St Marana of Beroea
St Oswald of Worcester
St Proterius of Alexandria
St Pupulus of Alexandria
St Romanus of Condat
St Ruellinus of Treguier
St Rufinus the Potter
St Serapion of Alexandria
St Sillan of Bangor
Bl Stanislaw Antoni Trojanowski
St Theophilus the Potter
Bl Villana de’Botti

Martyrs of Alexandria – A number of clerics and layman who died as martyrs of charity for ministering to the sick during a plague that ravaged Alexandria, Egypt in 261.

Martyrs of Unzen – 16 lay people martyred together in one of the periodic anti-Christian persecutions in imperial Japan – Died: 28 February 1627 in Unzen, Japan. Beatified:
24 November 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI

• Alexius Sugi Shohachi
• Damianus Ichiyata
• Dionisius Saeki Zenka
• Gaspar Kizaemon
• Gaspar Nagai Sohan
• Ioannes Araki Kanshichi
• Ioannes Heisaku
• Ioannes Kisaki Kyuhachi
• Leo Nakajima Sokan
• Ludovicus Saeki Kizo
• Ludovicus Shinzaburo
• Maria Mine
• Paulus Nakajima
• Paulus Uchibori Sakuemon
• Thomas Kondo Hyoemon
• Thomas Uzumi Shingoro