Thought for the Day – 10 August – Feast of St Lawrence, Martyr (died 258)

Thought for the Day – 10 August – Feast of St Lawrence, Martyr (died 258)

When the archdeacon returned, instead of bringing vessels of gold and silver, he brought the poor of the city, saying, “Behold, these choice pearls, these sparkling gems that adorn the temple, these sacred virgins, I mean, and these widows who refuse second marriage…. Behold then, all our riches.”

“Come. You have my Father’s blessing!

Inherit the kingdom prepared for you”

Christ, that is to say, heavenly mercy, comes to the door of your house every day, not only spiritually to the door of your soul but also materially to the door of your house.   For every time a poor person approaches your house, it is without any doubt Christ who is coming, He who said:  “As often as you did it for one of these little ones, you did it for me.”   So don’t harden you heart, give a little money to Christ, from whom you want to receive the Kingdom.   Give a piece of bread to Him, from whom you hope to receive life. Welcome Him into your home, so that He might welcome you into His paradise.   Give Him alms, so that in return He might give you eternal life.

What audacity to want to reign in heaven with Him to whom you refuse to give alms in this world!   If you receive Him during this earthly journey, He will welcome you into His heavenly happiness;  if you despise Him here in your homeland, He will turn His eyes away from you in His glory.   A Psalm says: “In your city, Lord, you despise their image.” (Ps 72:20 Vulg.)   If we despise those who are made in the image of God (Gen 1:26) in our city, that is to say, in this life, we must fear being rejected in His eternal city.   So be merciful here below…   Thanks to your generosity, you will hear that wonderful word said to you:   “Come.   Inherit the kingdom prepared for you”

Saint Caesarius of Arles (470-543), Monk and Bishop (Sermon 26 # 5)

St Lawrence, your total and complete response to Christ is our example today, please pray for us!st lawrence pray for us - 10 aug 2018

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Quote of the Day – 10 August – Feast of St Lawrence, Martyr (died 258) – Today’s Gospel: John 12:24–26

Quote of the Day – 10 August – Feast of St Lawrence, Martyr (died 258) – Today’s Gospel: John 12:24–26if anyone serves me - john 12 26 - 10 august 2018

“Jesus brought new hope into the world and He did so in the manner of the seed:  He became very small, like a grain of wheat, He left his heavenly glory in order to come among us, He “fell into the earth”.
But this still was not enough.
In order to bear fruit, Jesus experienced love to the fullest, allowing Himself to be split open by death as a seed lets itself split open under the ground.   Precisely there, at the lowest point of His abasement — which is also the loftiest point of love — hope burgeoned.
When we choose the hope of Jesus, we gradually discover, that the successful way of life is that of the seed, that of humble love.   There is no other way to conquer evil and give hope to the world.   But you might tell me: “No, it is a losing rationale!”  . It might seem so, seem that it is a losing rationale because those who love, lose power.   Have you considered this?   Those who love, lose power;  those who give, impart something and loving is a gift.
In reality, the rationale of the seed that dies, of humble love, is God’s way and only this bears fruit.”

Pope Francis General Audience, 12 April 2017)when we choose the hope of jesus - john 12 24-26 - pope francis - 10 aug 2018.jpg

“We must note, therefore,
that he that does things pleasing to God,
serves Christ but he that follows his own wishes,
is a follower, rather of himself and not of God.”

St Cyril of Alexandria (376-444)we must note therefore that he does - st cyril of alex - 10 august 2018

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One Minute Reflection – 10 August – Feast of St Lawrence, Martyr (died 258) – Today’s Gospel: John 12:24–26

One Minute Reflection – 10 August – Feast of St Lawrence, Martyr (died 258) – Today’s Gospel:  John 12:24–26

“If anyone serves me, he must follow me and where I am, there shall my servant be also; if any one serves me, the Father will honour him.”…John 12:26if anyone serves me - john 12 26 - 10 august 2018

REFLECTION – “Dear brothers, your faith recognises this seed fallen into the earth that death has multiplied.   Your faith recognises it because it dwells in your hearts.   No christian hesitates to believe what Christ said of Himself.   But when this seed died and multiplied, many seeds were scattered on the earth.    Saint Lawrence is one of them and today we celebrate the day when he was sown.   We see what a tremendous harvest has sprung up from all those seeds scattered over all the earth and the sight fills us with joy, provided only that we ourselves belong to God’s grain store, by His grace.
For not everything that is harvested goes into the grain store.   The same necessary and fruitful rain causes both good seed and straw to grow but we don’t store both of them in the barn.   Now is the time for us to choose…  Listen to me, you holy seed, for I have no doubt that it is here in abundance…  Listen to me or, rather, listen to Him in me who was first called a good seed.   Do not love your life in this world!   If you truly love yourselves do not thus love your life and then you will save your life!.. “Whoever loves his life in this world will lose it.”   It is the good seed who said that: the seed thrown into the ground who died that He might bear much fruit.   Listen to Him because as He speaks so has He done.  He both teaches us and shows us the way by example.
Christ wasn’t attached to the life of this world.   He came into the world to be stripped of Himself, to give His life and take it up again when He willed…  He, the true man, is true God, a sinless man that He might take away the sin of the world, clothed with power so great that He could truly say:  “I have power to lay down my life and power to take it up again.   No one can take it from me;   it is I who lay it down and I who take it up again” (Jn 10,18)…. St Augustine (354-430) Father & Doctor of the Church (Sermon 305)now is the time for us to choose - st augustine - 10 august 2018

PRAYER – Lord God, You inspired St Lawrence with so ardent a love that his life was renowned for the service of Your people and his death for the splendour of his martyrdom.   Help us to love what he loved and to life as he showed us.   St Lawrence, Martyr for Christ and His Church, pray for us.   Through our Lord, Jesus Christ, in union with the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever lawrence pray for us - 10 august 2018

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Our Morning Offering – 10 August – Feast of St Lawrence, Martyr (died 258)

Our Morning Offering – 10 August – Feast of St Lawrence, Martyr (died 258)

O Love Eternal
By St Francis De Sales OFM Cap (1567-1622) Doctor of the Church

O love eternal,
my soul needs
and chooses You eternally!
Ah, come Holy Spirit,
and inflame our hearts with Your love!
To love – or to die!
To die – and to love!
To die to all other love
in order to live in Jesus’ love,
so that we may not die eternally.
But that we may live in Your eternal love,
O Saviour of our souls,
we eternally sing,
“Live, Jesus!
Jesus, I love!
Live, Jesus, whom I love!
Jesus, I love,
Jesus who lives and reigns
forever and ever.
Ameno love eternal - st francis de sales - 10 aug 2018


Saint of the Day – Blessed Amadeus of Portugal O.F.M. (1420–1482)

Saint of the Day – Blessed Amadeus of Portugal O.F.M. (1420–1482) Religious, Reformer, Miracle-Worker and Confessor – he was a Portuguese nobleman who became first a monk, then left that life to become a friar of the Franciscan Order.   He is also known as Amadeus Menez de Silva, Amedeus…., João de Menezes da Silva, João Mendes de Silva, Peter John Silva Meneses.   Later he became a reformer of that Order, which led to his founding of a distinct branch of the Friars Minor that was named after him, later suppressed by the Pope in order to unite them into one great family of Friars Minor Observants (1568).   Born in 1420 in Morocco as João de Menezes da Silva and died on 10 August 1482 in Milan, Italy of natural causes.   Patronage – against fever (water from a spring at his monastery was reported to heal fever patients).


Blessed Amadeus began his religious life in the Hieronnymite monastery of Notre-Dame de Guadalupe (Spain), where he spent about ten years.   Desirous of joining the Franciscans, he went to Italy, where after some delay he was received into the order and, living in various convents, chiefly at Milan, attracted attention by his virtue and miracles.

Under the protection of the Archbishop of Milan, he established the convent of Notre-Dame de la Paix (1469) which became the centre of a Franciscan reform.   The minister general of the order Francesco della Rovere, later pope under the name of Sixtus IV, extended his protection to him.   Other foundations were made in Italy, among them one in Rome.

Supernatural favours obtained through his intercession aided in the spread of his cult, he was known as ‘blessed’ long before his death.   He composed a yet published treatise entitled “De revelationibus et prophetiis”, two copies of which are mentioned by Nicholas Antonio.   The work of another Amadeus, “Homilies on the Blessed Virgin”, has been erroneously attributed to him.

The convents he founded continued after his death to form a distinct branch of the Franciscans, the friars were called the Amadeans or Amadists and they had twenty-eight houses in Italy, the chief one, Saint Peter de Montorio, in Rome.    Pope Innocent VIII gave them the convent of Saint Genesto near Cartagena in Spain (1493).   The successors of Blessed Amadeus, preserved his foundation in its original spirit until Saint Pius V suppressed it along with similar branches of the Franciscan Order and united them into one great family of Friars Minor Observants in 1568.

Blessed Amadeus’ remains are interred under the high altar of his monastery in Milan.

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Memorials of the Saints – 10 August

St Lawrence (Died 258) Martyr (Feast)
A very comprehensive post on St Lawrence here:

St Agathonica of Carthage
St Agilberta of Jouarre
Bl Amadeus of Portugal O.F.M. (1420–1482)
St Aredius of Lyon
St Asteria of Bergamo
Bl Augustine Ota
St Bassa of Carthage
St Bessus
St Bettelin
St Blane
Bl Claude-Joseph Jouffret de Bonnefont
St Deusdedit the Cobbler
Bl Edward Grzymala
Bl Franciszek Drzewiecki
Bl Francois François
St Gerontius
Bl Hugh of Montaigu
Bl Lazare Tiersot
St Paula of Carthage
St Thiento of Wessobrunn

Martyrs of Alexandria – 260+ saints: A large number of Christians who died in Alexandria, Egypt between 260 and 267 in the persecutions of Decius and Valerian, whose names have not come down to us and who are commemorated together.

Martyrs of Rome – 165 saints: Group of 165 Christians martyred in the persecutions of Aurelian. 274 in Rome, Italy.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Antonio González Penín
• Blessed José Toledo Pellicer
• Blessed José Xavier Gorosterratzu Jaunarena
• Blessed Juan Martorell Soria
• Blessed Victoriano Calvo Lozano