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Thought for the Day – 25 August – The memorial of St Joseph Calasanz (1557-1648) Founder

Thought for the Day – 25 August – The memorial of St Joseph Calasanz (1557-1648) Founder

St Joseph Calasanz followed the inner indications of God in his heart.   Besides the service of the school, he was open to help at any time, especially when circumstances were adverse.   For example, when the river Tiber was over flooded, there he was saving lives.

In 1601, King Philip III sent a messenger to share the good news that he had granted Joseph a canonry in Seville, one of the most important and beautiful cities in Spain.   But he declined the offer, and said NO, with this words:  “I have found the definitive to serve God doing good to these little ones and I will never leave it for anything in the world.”

Calasanz had burned the boats of his first dreams and ambitions and he never again went back to his native land.   He remained in Rome giving education to poor children, for the rest of his life.   Much of his strength came from his great devotion to Mary, the Mother of God.   He signed his letters – ‘Joseph of the Mother of God’.   A clear and powerful sign that his congregation and his person, were placed under the loving
protection of the Mother of Jesus Christ, God‐with‐us.   Saint Joseph Calasanz, wanted that all meetings and gatherings finished with this beautiful prayer:

“We fly to thy patronage, oh Holy Mother of God,
Despise not our petitions in all our necessities,
But from all kind of dangers always deliver us
Oh, ever blessed Virgin Mary.”

Calasanz gave an order to build a sanctuary dedicated to the Mother of God in Frascati, where the Piarists had the first foundation outside Rome, in 1616.   He brought the image of our Lady personally.   It consists in an icon of Mary, crowned as Queen, holding tenderly her Son Jesus. Joseph urged his sons to pray constantly to Mary, for her patronage and protection is the stronghold of those loved by God.

He was a humble and simple person, ready to abase himself and do whatever necessary for love of the little ones:  he swept the classrooms, prepared the ink in the inkwells, had prepared the fountain pens, went to the streets begging for alms for the schools, washed the dishes took care of the order and discipline of the schools, and he liked to visit the students –above all little ones‐ in the classrooms.   Besides he accompanied them back home after the school period.   For Calasanz, a Piarist plays the role of the guardian angel we all have from the moment of our conception and birth.

This was Saint Joseph Calasanz:  without evading the sweetness of heart he remained persistent in his inner convictions in favour of the needy, for whom he became their voice, a sheer opportunity to improve themselves through the exceptional gift of the
education for all, beginning by the least and the last, the poorest among the poor.   He never lost hope that one day his religious order would be restored and poor children would be served through it throughout the world.

The Piarist Fathers, are a beautiful reality today, through which the Risen Lord is proclaimed alive, following the footsteps of their Holy Founder.   To be a Piarist is a way to a joyful holiness, ministering generously to children and young people, especially the poorest.   The Piarists do not seek honours and privileges, their life is simple and they prepare themselves to be good educators and evangelisers, according to the present circumstances of our time.

Today they are present in 35 different countries.   They are about 1400 religious, distributed in 250 communities.   Though their most natural ambience is the school, they also give importance to missions, to non‐formal education, youth groups, parishes, small Christian communities, development programs, Calasanzian Fraternities, schools of Christian leadership, etc.   All this in communion with the Church, for they are her children.  They ask you all to lean on our Mother, to run to her, to ask and pray for humility that you too may serve all who are in need of your love!

Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us!mary mother of god pray for us

St Joseph Calasanz, Pray for Us!st joseph calasanz pray for us no 2 - 25 aug 2018


Quote of the Day – 25 August – The Memorial of St Joseph Calasanz (1557-1648) Founder

Quote of the Day – 25 August – The Memorial of St Joseph Calasanz (1557-1648) Founder

“As Scripture says,
“Those who instruct many in justice
will shine as stars for all eternity.”
They will attain this more easily,
if they make a covenant of perpetual obedience
and strive to cling to Christ
and please Him alone
because, in His words,
“What you did to one of the least
of my brethren, you did to me.”

  1. St Joseph Calasanz (1557-1648)as scripture says - st joseph calasanz - 25 aug 2018

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One Minute Reflection – 25 August – Today’s Gospel: Matthew 23:1–12

One Minute Reflection – 25 August – Saturday of the Twentieth week in Ordinary Time, Year B, Today’s Gospel:   Matthew 23:1–12 – The Memorials of Sts Louis IX, (1214-1270) King of France and St Joseph Calasanz (1557-1648) Founder

“….so practice and observe whatever they tell you, but not what they do; for they preach but do not practice.”...Matthew 23:3

REFLECTION – “Someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit speaks different languages (Acts 2:4).   These different languages are differing testimonies to Christ, such as humility, poverty, patience and obedience.   We speak them when, in practising them ourselves, we show them to others.   The word is alive when it is our actions that speak.   Please, I beg you, let words be silenced and actions speak!   We are full of words but empty of deeds and because of this the Lord curses us just as he cursed the fig tree on which he found no fruit but only leaves (Mk 11:13f.).   Saint Gregory says that: “The Law has been made known to the preacher so that he might practice what he preaches.”   A person who spoils his teaching by his deeds is wasting his time spreading knowledge of the law.
But the apostles spoke according to the Spirit’s gift.   Happy are those who speak according to the Spirit’s gift and not according to their own feelings…  So let us speak as the Spirit gives us utterance.   Let us humbly and devoutly ask Him to shed His grace within us.”..St Anthony of Padua (1195-1231) Doctor of the Church (Sermons)the word is alive when it is our actions - st anthony of padua - 25 aug 2018

“All who undertake to teach must be endowed with deep love, the greatest of patience and, most of all, profound humility.   They must perform their work with earnest zeal. Then, through their humble prayers, the Lord will find them worthy to become fellow workers with Him in the cause of truth.”…St Joseph Calasanzall who undertake to teach - st joseph calasanz - 25 aug 2018

PRAYER – God our Father, help us to teach others about You by our example as well as our words.   Grant that we may spread Your truth and Your light wherever we go. St Louis, this is exactly what you sought to do, constantly serving God in penitence and prayer, ever mindful of His people.   You lived the greatest commandment and strove always to be an example to your people through your great love for our Lord and for His Church.   You gave St Joseph of Calasanz, remarkable gifts of priestly charity and patience.   Grant that while we honour him as a master of wisdom, we may imitate him, by teaching the truth by our way of life.   St Louis, St Joseph, please pray for our Priests and for us all! Amenst-louis-pray-for-us-2-25 aug 2017st joseph calasanz pray for us - 25 aug 2018

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Our Morning Offering – 25 August – The Memorial of St Louis IX (1214-1270) – King of France

Our Morning Offering – 25 August – The Memorial of St Louis IX (1214-1270) – King of France

Prayer inspired by St Louis’ Last Instructions
to his Eldest Son, Philip

(Perhaps Philip prayed thus)

O God, we love You.
We want to do nothing to displease You.
If we have troubles, let us thank You.
If we don’t, we also humbly thank You.
Let us look for ways to grow closer to You,
whether in Confession, prayer, or at Mass.
Let us open our hearts to afflicted people
and do what we can to comfort them.
Let us look for ways to improve our society.
Thank You for friends who help us bear
our burdens and help us grow in holiness.
Let us turn away from gossip or swearing.
Let us always do what is right for those
we serve and promote peace among our neighbours.
Let us be quick to defend our Faith.
O Holy Trinity, all You holy saints,
please defend us from all evils.
Please give us grace to do Your will always,
so that You are honoured
and so we may be with You forever.
Amenprayer-inspired-by-st-louis-last-instructions-st-louis-king-of-france-25 aug 2018


Saint of the Day – 25 August – St Joseph Calasanz Sch.P. (1557-1648)

Saint of the Day – 27 August – St Joseph Calasanz Sch.P. (1557-1648) (Also known as:  Joseph Calasanctius,  Joseph of Our Lady, Josephus a Matre Dei, Joseph Calsanza) was a Spanish Catholic Priest, Teacher, Lawyer, Founder of the Pious Schools, (providing free education to the sons of the poor) and the Religious Order that ran them, commonly known as the Piarists.   He was born on 11 September 1556 at Peralta, Barbastro, Aragon, Spain in his father’s castle and died on 25 August 1648 at Rome, Italy of natural causes.   Patronages – Catholic schools (proclaimed on 13 August 1948 by Pope Pius XII), schools, colleges, universities, students, schoolchildren, the Piarists and the Congregation of Christian Workers of Saint Joseph Calasanz.St. Joseph Calasanz at the Monastery of Montserrat.

Joseph  Calasanz was born in Aragon, Spain, in 1556 of a noble family, who gave him a very Christian education.   When only five years old, he led a troop of children through the streets to find the devil and slay him.   He became a lawyer and then a Priest (after a serious illness caused his father to relent in his opposition) and was engaged in various reforms when he heard a voice saying, “go to Rome, Joseph” and had a vision of many children who were being taught by him and by a company of Angels.   When he reached the Holy City, his heart was moved by the vice and ignorance of the children of the poor and he saw clearly that ignorance was the mother of vice and misery.   Sunday Catechism lessons were insufficient to remedy the situation.   When he could find no collaboration under the existing frameworks, the children’s need mastered his profound humility and he undertook to found personally, the Order of Clerks Regular of the Pious Schools, or the Piarists.CopiadeCalasanzRD2001.jpgSt-Joseph-Calasanz-e1440632416712

The parish priest of Saint Dorothy’s Church in Trastevere, placed two rooms at his disposition and assisted him in all things.   Two other good priests joined the founders, and the school soon had several hundred children.   He taught the children catechism, reading, writing and arithmetic and he himself provided all that was necessary for the program of instruction, receiving nothing in payment.   Other schools were organised elsewhere in Rome and the holy priest had scholars of every rank under his care.   Each lesson began with prayer.   Every half-hour, piety was renewed by acts of faith, hope and charity.   At the end of the day the children were escorted home by the masters, so as to escape all harm on the way.   An annual retreat was given them during the Easter season. Clement XIII approved the new Congregation, which became an Order with the ordinary three vows and in addition a definitive commitment to the instruction of the indigent.

Calasanz was a friend of Galileo Galilei and sent some distinguished Piarists as disciples of the great scientist.   He shared and defended his controversial view of the cosmos.  When Galileo fell into disgrace, Calasanz instructed members of his congregation to provide him with whatever assistance he needed and authorised the Piarists to continue studying mathematics and science with him.   Unfortunately, those opposed to Calasanz and his work used the Piarists’ support and assistance to Galileo as an excuse to attack them.   Despite such attacks, Calasanz continued to support Galileo.   When, in 1637, Galileo lost his sight, Calasanz ordered the Piarist Clemente Settimi to serve as his secretary.   But enemies arose against Saint Joseph, however, from among his own subjects, thus imposing on the Founder the most sorrowful of all crosses, resembling that of the Lord Himself.   They accused him to the Holy Office and at the age of eighty-six he was led through the streets to prison, where he was briefly held and interrogated by the Inquisition.

The Order was reduced to a simple Congregation under local episcopal authority and was not restored to its former privileges until after the Saint’s death.   Yet he died full of hope.   My work, he said, was done solely for the love of God.   Saint Joseph is the first to have given gratuitous instruction to the children of the people.   Religion can claim for its own the instruction of the poor, both by birthright and by right of conquest. st joseph statue larger my edit

St Joseph died at the age of 90 having always remained faithful in all things, admired for his holiness and courage by his students, their families, his fellow Piarists and the people of Rome.  The body of Saint Joseph  Calasanz reposes in the church of Saint Pantaleon in Rome, his heart and tongue are conserved incorrupt in a devotional chapel in the Piarist Motherhouse in Rome.  Eight years after his death, Pope Alexander VII cleared the name of the Pious Schools. Joseph Calasanz was beatified on 7 August 1748, by Pope Benedict XIV.   He was Canonised by Pope Clement XIII in 1767 and on 13 August 1948, Ven Pope Pius XII declared him to be the “Universal Patron of all Christian schools in the world.”

st joseph last communion
The last Holy Communion of St Joseph


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Memorials of the Saints – 25 August

St Joseph Calasanz Sch.P. (1557-1648) (Optional Memorial)

St Louis IX (1214-1270) King of France (Optional Memorial)
All about this wonderful Saint here:

St Alessandro Dordi
Bl Andrea Bordino
St Andreas Gim Gwang-Ok
St Aredius of Limoges
St Ebbe the Elder
Bl Eduard Cabanach Majem
St Eusbius of Rome
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Bl Francesc Llach Candell
St Genesius of Arles
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St Genesius of Rome
St Gennadius of Constantinople
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St Gurloes of Sainte Croix
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Bl Luis Cabrera Sotelo
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Bl Maria Troncatti
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Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Antoni Prenafeta Soler
• Blessed Antoni Vilamassana Carulla
• Blessed Enric Salvá Ministral
• Blessed Florencio Alonso Ruiz
• Blessed Fortunato Merino Vegas
• Blessed Josep Maria Panadés Terré
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• Blessed Luis Gutiérrez Calvo
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• Blessed Vicente álvarez Cienfuegos