Thoughts for the Day – 18 August – – The Memorial of St Alberto Hurtado S.J. (1901-1952) 

Thoughts for the Day – 18 August – – The Memorial of St Alberto Hurtado S.J. (1901-1952)

Lessons from the writings of St Alberto,

‘The Man of Action’ (1947)

“I hold that every poor man, every vagrant, every beggar,
is Christ carrying His cross.
And as Christ, we must love and help him.”

“I must always consider myself a servant of a great work.
And because my role is that of a servant, I will not reject the humblest tasks, modest tasks in administration, even the cleaning…
Many aspire to have quiet time to think, read, prepare great things
but there are tasks that all reject, may these be my preferences.
Everything must be accomplished if the great work is to be realised.”

“Humility consists in inserting yourself in your true place.
Before people, not by considering myself the least among them, because I do not believe this;
before God, by recognising continually, my absolute dependence with respect to Him
and that any superiority I might have, in the sight of others, comes from Him.”

“Better to have the humility to begin great tasks with the danger of failing,
than to reduce one’s goal out of pride in order to guarantee success.”

St Alberto Hurtado, Pray for us!

i hold that every poor man - st alberto hurtado no 2- 18 aug 2018


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Quote of the Day – 18 August – The Memorial of St Alberto Hurtado S.J. (1901-1952)

Quote of the Day – 18 August – The Memorial of St Alberto Hurtado S.J. (1901-1952) 

“Christ roams through our streets
in the person of so many
of the suffering poor, sick and dispossessed
and people thrown out of their miserable slums.
Christ huddled under bridges,
in the person of so many children
who lack someone to call father,
who have been deprived for many years,
without a mother’s kiss on their foreheads…
Christ is without a home!
Shouldn’t we want to give Him one,
those of us who have the joy of a comfortable home,
plenty of good food,
the means to educate
and assure the future of our children?”

St Alberto Hurtado S.J. (1901-1952)christ roams through our streets - st alberto hurtado - 18 aug 2018


One Minute Reflection – 18 August

One Minute Reflection – 18 August – Saturday of the Nineteenth week in Ordinary Time, Year B – Today’s Gospel: Matthew 19:13–15 and the Memorials of St Alberto Hurtado (1901-1952) and St Helena (c 250 – c 330)

“Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”...Matthew 19:14

REFLECTION – “See how fortunate you are to care for these little ones who give God perfect praise and in whom God’s goodness takes such great pleasure, a pleasure that is, in a certain sense, just like that of mothers who have no greater consolation than to view the little acts of their children.   They admire everything and love everything. In the same way that God, who is their Father, takes great pleasure in all their little doings.”…St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660) [Addresses to the Daughters of Charity, 7/12/1643]matthew 19 14 - let the children come to me - see how fortunate you are - st vincent de paul - 18 aug 2018

PRAYER – God almighty Father, grant that we may be instruments of welcome and of that love with which Jesus, Your Son, embraces the littlest ones.   May we be a society of love and of holy parenting of all children, especially those most in need.   St Alberto Hurtado, who so loved the poorest children of your world, intercede for us.   St Helena, you were the support and love of your son, bringing him to the love of God and neighbour, pray for us.   We make our prayer through Christ, with the Holy Spirit, one God forever, aug 2017st helena pray for us - 18 aug 2018

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Our Morning Offering – 18 August

Our Morning Offering – 18 August – Saturday of the Nineteenth week in Ordinary Time, Year B

Breviary Hymn – Psalter Week 3
It were my Soul’s Desire

It were my soul’s desire
To see the face of God;
It were my soul’s desire
To rest in His abode.

Grant, Lord, my soul’s desire,
Deep waves of cleansing sighs;
Grant, Lord, my soul’s desire
From earthly cares to rise.

It were my soul’s desire
To imitate my King,
It were my soul’s desire
His ceaseless praise to sing.

It were my soul’s desire
When heaven’s gate is won
To find my soul’s desire
Clear shining like the sun.

This still my soul’s desire
Whatever life afford,
To gain my soul’s desire
And see Thy face, O were my soul's desire - breviary hymn sat psalter week 3 - 18 aug 2018

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Saint of the Day – 18 August – St Helena (c 250 – c 330)

Saint of the Day – 18 August – St Helena (c 250 – c  330) Empress, Mother of Saint Constantine, Founder of the True Cross of Christ.   Patronages – against fire, against thunder, archeologists, converts, difficult marriages, divorced people, dyers, empresses, nail smiths, needle makers, Birkirkara, Malta, Helena, diocese of Montana.   Helena ranks as an important figure in the history of Christianity and of the world due to her influence on her son.   In her final years, she made a religious tour of Syria Palaestina and Jerusalem, during which she discovered the True Cross. Helena4

Helena’s birthplace is not known with certainty.   The 6th-century historian Procopius is the earliest authority for the statement that Helena was a native of Drepanum, in the province of Bithynia in Asia Minor.   Her son Constantine renamed the city “Helenopolis” after her death around 330, which supports the belief that the city was her birthplace.  st helena She married a Roman General, Constantius Chlorus and became the mother of Constantine the Great.   She embraced Christianity late in life but her incomparable faith and piety greatly influenced her son Constantine, the first Christian emperor and served to kindle a holy zeal in the hearts of the Roman people.   Forgetful of her high dignity, she delighted to assist at the Divine Office amid the poor and by her alms deeds showed herself a mother to the indigent and helena trad image

In her eightieth year she made a famous pilgrimage to Jerusalem, with the ardent desire of discovering the cross on which our Blessed Redeemer had suffered.   After many labours, three crosses were found on Mount Calvary, together with the names and the inscription recorded by the Evangelists.    The pious empress, transported with joy, built a beautiful Basilica on Mount Calvary to receive the precious relic, sending portions of it also to Rome and Constantinople, where they were solemnly exposed to the adoration of the faithful.   She built two other famous churches in Palestine to honour the sacred sites of Our Lord’s life, one at the site of His Ascension and the other, known as the Basilica of the Nativity, in Bethlehem, which she and her son richly adorned.Helena_of_Constantinople_Cima_da_Conegliano1

Saint Helen’s influence on her son Constantine is recognised by all historians.   He always honoured her in every way.   In the year 312, when Constantine found himself attacked by Maxentius with vastly superior forces and the very existence of his western empire was threatened, he remembered the crucified Christian God whom his mother Helen worshipped.   Kneeling down, he prayed God to reveal Himself as the supreme God, by giving him an otherwise impossible victory.   Suddenly at noonday, a cross of fire was seen by his army in the calm and cloudless sky and beneath it the words, In hoc signo vinces — In this sign thou shalt conquer.   By divine command, Constantine made a standard like the cross he had seen, to be borne at the head of his troops.   This is the famous banner known as the Roman Labarum.   Under this Christian ensign they marched against the enemy and obtained a complete victory.

Philamuseum Rubens Tapestry Helena
Peter Paul Rubens, Constantine Worshipping the True Cross (Tapestry)

She died around 330, with her son at her side.   She was buried in the Mausoleum of Helena, outside Rome on the Via Labicana.   Her sarcophagus is on display in the Pio-Clementine Vatican Museum, below and the statue of her at St Peter’s.576px-Helena_tombdetail-st-peter-s-basilica-vatican-city-helena-mother-emperor-constantine-andrea-bolgi-inside-rome-italy-44742423

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Memorials of the Saints – 18 August

St Agapitus the Martyr
St Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga S.J. (1901-1952) Martyr
His life story here:

Bl Antoine Bannassat
St Crispus of Rome
St Daig Maccairaill
Bl Domenico de Molinar
St Eonus of Arles
St Ernan
St Evan of Ayrshire
St Firminus of Metz
St Florus of Illyria
Bl Francus of Francavilla
Bl Gaspar di Salamanca
St Helena (c 250 – c 330) Mother of  Constantine the Great

St Hermas of Rome
St John of Rome
St Juliana of Myra
St Juliana of Stobylum
St Laurus of Illyria
St Leo of Myra
Bl Leonard of Cava
Bl Martín Martínez Pascual (1910-1936) Martyr
St Maximus of Illyria
Bl Milo of Fontenelle
St Polyaenus of Rome
St Proculus of Illyria
Bl Raynald of Ravenna
St Ronan of Iona
St Serapion of Rome

Massa Candida: Also known as –
• Martyrs of Utica
• White Company
Three hundred 3rd century Christians at Carthage who were ordered to burn incense to Jupiter or face death by fire. Martyrs. Saint Augustine of Hippo and the poet Prudentius wrote about them. They jumped into a pit of burning lime c 253 at Carthage, North Africa.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
Martyred Carmelites of Carabanchel Bajo – 8 beati:
Martyrs of La Tejera – 4 beati:
• Blessed Adalberto Vicente y Vicente
• Blessed Agustín Pedro Calvo
• Blessed Angelo Reguilón Lobato
• Blessed Atanasio Vidaurreta Labra
• Blessed Aurelio García Anton
• Blessed Celestino José Alonso Villar
• Blessed Daniel García Antón
• Blessed Eliseo María Camargo Montes
• Blessed Eudald Rodas Saurina
• Blessed Fermín Gellida Cornelles
• Blessed Francisco Arias Martín
• Blessed Francisco Pérez y Pérez
• Blessed Gregorio Díez Pérez
• Blessed Jaume Falgarona Vilanova
• Blessed José María Ruiz Cardeñosa
• Blessed José Sánchez Rodríguez
• Blessed Joseph Chamayoux Auclés
• Blessed Liberio González Nombela
• Blessed María Luisa Bermúdez Ruiz
• Blessed Micaela Hernán Martínez
• Blessed Nicomedes Andrés Vecilla
• Blessed Patricio Gellida Llorach
• Blessed Rosario Ciércoles Gascón
• Blessed Santiago Franco Mayo
• Blessed Silvano Villanueva González
• Blessed Vicente María Izquierdo Alcón