Thought for the Day – 22 August – The Queenship of Mary

Thought for the Day – 22 August – The Queenship of Mary

As St. Paul suggests in Romans 8:28–30, God has predestined human beings from all eternity to share the image of his Son.   All the more was Mary predestined to be the mother of Jesus. As Jesus was to be king of all creation, Mary, in dependence on Jesus, was to be queen.   All other titles to queenship derive from this eternal intention of God. As Jesus exercised his kingship on earth by serving his Father and his fellow human beings, so did Mary exercise her queenship.   As the glorified Jesus remains with us as our king till the end of time (Matthew 28:20), so does Mary, who was assumed into heaven and crowned queen of heaven and earth.
In the fourth century St Ephrem called Mary “Lady” and “Queen.”   Later Church fathers and doctors continued to use the title.   Hymns of the 11th to 13th centuries address Mary as queen: “Hail, Holy Queen,” “Hail, Queen of Heaven,” “Queen of Heaven.”   The Dominican rosary and the Franciscan crown as well as numerous invocations in Mary’s litany celebrate her queenship.
The feast is a logical follow-up to the Assumption and is now celebrated on the octave day of that feast.   In his 1954 encyclical To the Queen of Heaven, Pius XII points out that Mary deserves the title because she is Mother of God because she is closely associated as the New Eve with Jesus’ redemptive work because of her preeminent perfection and because of her intercessory power. (Fr Don Miller OFM)
“Just as Mary surpassed in grace all others on earth, so also in heaven is her glory unique.   If eye has not seen or ear heard or the human heart conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him (1 Corinthians 2:9), who can express what He has prepared for the woman who gave Him birth and who loved Him, as everyone knows, more than anyone else?” (St Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153) – Doctor of Light – Mellifluous Doctor)

just as mary surpassed in grace - st bernard
Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth Pray for your children!

mary our queen our mother pray for us

Your eyes opened to a new kind of light
Wide pools that gaze with merciful love upon the world
Your sword-pierced heart, immaculate,
Strong-walled as a cathedral
In the holy city of God.

Angels surround your throne
Holy Blessed Virgin,
Mother of God
Star-crowned Queen of heaven and
Queen of angels

We, though sinners, are yours,
Every tribe on earth, every race
Beckoned to enclosure
In deep mantle-folds of grace.

your eyes opened to a new kind of light - queenship of mary - poem

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Quote/s of the Day – 22 August – The Queenship of Mary

Quote/s of the Day – 22 August – The Queenship of Mary

“She has surpassed the riches of the virgins,
the confessors, the martyrs, the apostles,
the prophets, the patriarchs and the angels,
for she herself is the first-fruit of the virgins,
the mirror of confessors, the rose of martyrs,
the ruler of apostles, the oracle of prophets,
the daughter of patriarchs, the queen of angels.”

…St Bonaventure (1217-1274) Seraphic Doctor

she has surpassed the riches - st bonaventure

“Mary has the authority over the angels
and the blessed in heaven.
As a reward for her great humility,
God gave her the power and mission of assigning to saints
the thrones made vacant by the apostate angels
who fell away through pride.
Such is the will of the almighty God who exalts the humble,
that the powers of heaven, earth and hell,
willingly or unwillingly, must obey the commands
of the humble Virgin Mary.
For God has made her queen of heaven and earth,
leader of his armies, keeper of his treasure,
dispenser of his graces, mediatrix on behalf of men,
destroyer of his enemies and faithful associate
in his great works and triumphs.”

…St Louis Marie de Montfort

mary has the authority over the angels - st louis de montfort

“To serve the Queen of Heaven is already to reign there
and to live under her commands, is more than to govern.”

…St John Marie Vianney

to serve the queen of heaven - st john vianney

“Prayer is powerful beyond limits
when we turn to the Immaculata
who is queen even of God’s heart.”

…St Maximilian Kolbe

prayer is powerful beyond limits - st max kolbe

“No one has access to the Almighty
as His mother has – none has merit such as hers.
Her Son will deny her nothing that she asks
and herein lies her power.
While she defends the Church,
neither height nor depth,
neither men nor evil spirits,
neither great monarchs,
nor craft of man, nor popular violence,
can avail to harm us – for human life is short
but Mary reigns above, a Queen forever.”

Bl Cardinal John Henry Newman

no one has access to the almighty - bl john henry newman


One Minute Reflection – August 22 – The Memorial of the Queenship of Mary

One Minute Reflection – August 22 – The Memorial of the Queenship of Mary

My fruit is better than gold, yes than pure gold and my revenue than choice silver………….Prv 8:19

proverbs 8 19

REFLECTION – “Mary is the stem of the beautiful flower on which the Holy Spirit rests with the fullness of His gifts.   Hence, those who want to obtain the seven gifts of the Spirit must seek the flower of the Holy Spirit on the stem (Mary).
We go to Jesus through Mary and through Jesus we find the grace of the Holy Spirit.”…St Bonaventure (1217-1274) Seraphic Doctor

mary is the stem - st bonaventure

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, You made Mary the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.   Help me through Mary and Jesus to reach the Spirit and obtain His surpassing gifts.   Holy Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, be my companion and my guide. Amen

mary queen - pray for us



Our Morning Offering – 22 August – The Queenship of Mary

Our Morning Offering – 22 August – The Queenship of Mary

Mary our Queen, Holy Mother of God
By St Anthony of Padua (1195-1231) Evangelical Doctor

Mary, our Queen,
Holy Mother of God,
we beg you to hear our prayer.
Make our hearts overflow with divine grace
and resplendent with heavenly wisdom.
Render them strong with your might
and rich in virtue.
Pour down upon us the gift of mercy
so that we may obtain the pardon of our sins.
Help us to live in such a way
as to merit the glory and bliss of heaven.
May this be granted us by your Son Jesus
who has exalted you above the angels,
has crowned you as Queen,
and has seated you with Him
forever on His refulgent throne.

mary our queen, holy mother of god by st anthony of padua.2


The Memorial of the Queenship of Mary – 22 August

The Memorial of the Queenship of Mary – 22 August – A Marian feast day decreed by Pope Pius XII on 11 October 1954, in his encyclical Ad caeli reginam to recognise and celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of the world, of the universe, of the angels, of heaven,  Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs, Confessors, Virgins, all Saints,of Families, Queen conceived without original sin Queen assumed into Heaven, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, Queen of Mercy, Queen of Peace.   The movement to officially recognise the Queenship of Mary was initially promoted by several Catholic Mariological congresses in Lyon, France, Freiburg, Germany and Einsiedeln, Switzerland. Pro Regalitate Mariae, an international society to promote the Queenship of Mary, was founded in Rome, Italy by noted Marioligist and writer Father Gabriel Roschini.   Patronages – the diocese of Cabinda, Angola.

From early times Christians have believed and not without reason, that she of whom was born the Son of the Most High received privileges of grace above all other beings created by God.   He “will reign in the house of Jacob forever,” “the Prince of Peace,” the “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”   And when Christians reflected upon the intimate connection that obtains between a mother and a son, they readily acknowledged the supreme royal dignity of the Mother of God.

coronation - fra filippo lippi


In this feast, particularly cherished by the Popes of modern times, we celebrate Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Pope Pius IX said of Mary’s Queenship:  “Turning her maternal Heart toward us and dealing with the affair of our salvation, she is concerned with the whole human race.   Constituted by the Lord, Queen of Heaven and earth and exalted above all choirs of Angels and the ranks of Saints in Heaven, standing at the right hand of Her only-begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, she petitions most powerfully with Her maternal prayers and she obtains what she seeks.”

And Pope Pius XII added the following:  “We commend that on the festival there be renewed the consecration of the human race to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.   Upon this there is founded a great hope that there will rejoice in the triumph of religion and in Christian peace…

…Therefore, let all approach with greater confidence now than before, to the throne of mercy and grace of our Queen and Mother to beg help in difficultly, light in darkness and solace in trouble and sorrow…

. . Whoever, therefore, honours the lady ruler of the Angels and of men – and let no one think themselves exempt from the payment of that tribute of a grateful and loving soul – let them call upon her as most truly Queen and as the Queen who brings the blessings of peace, that She may show us all, after this exile, Jesus, who will be our enduring peace and joy.”

St Lomman, Abbot, (5th—early 6th century)

 “The Help of Mary, Queen and Mother”

O Mary, when our eyes close in our last sleep and open to behold thy Son, the Just Judge and the Angel opens the Book and the Enemy accuses us;  in that terrible hour, come to our aid.  Be with us.
When death came to Joseph, you and your Son were with him:  Thy Son to judge, thou to console.   O Happy Joseph!   When death comes for us, be near us.   O Mary, when we are held captive in the place of atonement;  plead for us and visit us, that we may find consolation in thy presence.  Stretch forth thy hand to help us;  deliver us from our bondage.  We are thy children: Thou art our Mother.   As little children we come to thee; we know no fear.
O Mary, He changed water into wine for thee, even as He said:   My hour has not yet come.  Now He will not refuse thee, when you plead for us thy children.   O Mary, come quickly to our aid.   Do not let us stray from the Fold.   The wolf is waiting to destroy us. There shall be neither night nor day to thy praises.
Adoration to the Father Who created thee!   Adoration to they Son, Who took flesh from thee!   Adoration to the Holy Spirit, Thy Divine Spouse!   Three in One, One in Three. Equal in all things.   To Him be glory for ever.   Forever. Forever. Amen.

enlarged death of st joseph381px-Peter_Paul_Rubens_079Fra_Filippo_Lippi_-_Coronation_of_the_Virgin_detail_-_WGA13317giovanni di paolo


22 August – The Memorial of the Queenship of Mary and of the Saints

Queenship of Mary (Memorial)

St Andrew of Fiesole
St Anthusa of Seleucia
St Antoninus of Rome
St Arnulf of Eynesbury
St Athanasius of Tarsus
Bl Bernard Perani
St Dalmau Llebaría Torné
Bl Élie Leymarie de Laroche
St Epictetus of Ostia
St Ethelgitha of Northumbria
St Fabrician of Toledo
St Felix of Ostia
St Gunifort
St Joan Farriol Sabaté
St John Kemble
St John Wall
St Josep Roselló Sans
St Julio Melgar Salgado
St Maprilis of Ostia
St Martial of Ostia
St Maurus of Rheims
St Narciso de Esténaga y Echevarría
St Philibert of Toledo
Bl Richard Kirkman
St Saturninus of Ostia
Bl Simeon Lukach
St Sigfrid of Wearmouth
St Symphorian of Autun
St Thomas Percy
St Timothy of Rome
Bl William Lacey
Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Dalmau Llebaría Torné
• Blessed Joan Farriol Sabaté
• Blessed Josep Roselló Sans
• Blessed Julio Melgar Salgado
• Blessed Narciso de Esténaga y Echevarría