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Thought for the Day – 30 August

Thought for the Day – 30 August

Since he had no children, St Pammachius made the poor his heirs and became known in Rome as the benefactor of the blind, the poor and the handicapped.   Since he was one of the first Romans of senatorial rank to become a Christian and live the faith to its fullest in love and charity, his works and deeds of extending his hand to all in need, were remembered for centuries and perhaps, even more importantly, he is became a powerful example of the effect of Christian teaching upon a person of rank and power.
For a wealthy man, there are so many opportunities to help others and St Pammachius looked upon his works of charity as an obligation of his Christian conscience.   His best friend, St Jerome, Father and one of the original four doctors of the Latin Church, said “instead of speaking saintly words, we must act them” and that is precisely what St Pammachius did – for he lived the words of Our Lord, he lived the Beatitudes!

St Pammachius, pray for us!st pammachius pray for us.2

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One Minute Reflection – 30 August

One Minute Reflection – 30 August

“Do to no-one what you would not want done to you.
Give your bread to those who are hungry
and your clothes to those who are naked.”… Tobit 4:16-17tobit 4 16 - 17

REFLECTION – “The bread that is in your box belongs to the hungry;
the coat in your closet belongs to the naked;
the shoes you do not wear belong to the barefoot;
the money in your vault belongs to the destitute.”…..St Basil the Great (329-379) – Doctor of the Churchthe bread that is in your box - st basil the great

PRAYER – God our Saviour, through the grace of Baptism you made us children of light. Hear our prayer, that we may always walk in that light and work for truth, love and charity, as Your witnesses before men. St Pammachius, you lived a life of total charity to those most in need, please pray for us, pammachius pray for us

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Our Morning Offering – 30 August

Our Morning Offering – 30 August

O Lord, the house of my soul is narrow
By St Augustine (354-430) Father & Doctor

O God, the Light of the heart that sees You,
The Life of the soul that loves You,
The Strength of the mind that seeks You:
May I ever continue
to be steadfast in Your love.
Be the joy of my heart;
Take all of me to Yourself and abide therein.
The house of my soul is,
I confess, too narrow for You.
Enlarge it that You may enter.
It is ruinous but do repair it.
It has within it what must offend Your eyes;
I confess and know it,
but whose help shall I seek
in cleansing it but Yours alone?
To You, O God, I cry urgently.
Cleanse me from secret faults.
Keep me from false pride and sensuality
That they not get dominion over me.

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Saint of the Day – 30 August – St Pammachius (c 340 – 410)

Saint of the Day – 30 August – St Pammachius (c 340 – 410) at Rome, Italy of natural causes) – Senator, Monk, Apostle of Charity, friend of St Jerome.

St Pammachius was a distinguished Christian layman who lived in the fourth century.   As a young student, he had become friends with St. Jerome.   They remained friends all their lives and kept an ongoing correspondence.   His wife was Paulina, the second daughter of St Paula, another good friend of St. Jerome.   When Paulina died in 397, St Jerome and St Paulinus of Nola wrote deeply moving letters filled with sympathy, support and the promise of prayers.

st pammachius

On Paulina’s death in 397, Pammachius became a monk, that is, put on a religious habit and gave himself up to works of charity.He spent the rest of his life serving in the hospice he and St Fabiola built.   There, pilgrims coming to Rome, were welcomed and made comfortable.   Pammachius and Fabiola willingly accepted and even preferred, the poor, the sick and the handicapped.

St Pammachius was much more gentle with his words and ways than the fiery St Jerome. He often suggested to Jerome that he soften or reword his letters but Jerome usually did not.   For example, a man named Jovinian was teaching serious errors.   Jerome wrote a harsh essay exposing Jovinian’s errors.   Pammachius read the essay and made some good suggestions about rewording the overpowering expressions.   St Jerome thanked his friend for his concern but did not make the corrections.   Pammachius also tried to heal a quarrel between his friend St Jerome and a man named Rufinus but it does not seem, that he could move Jerome to heal the conflict.   In 401 Pammachius was thanked by St Augustine for a letter he wrote to the people of Numidia, where he owned property, exhorting them to abandon the Donatist schism.

Many of St Jerome’s commentaries on Scripture were dedicated to Pammachius.

St Pammachius had a Church built in Rome.   Today it is the Passionist Church of Saints John and Paul.   He died in 410 as the Goths were invading Rome.

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Memorials of the Saints – 30 August

St Adauctus of Rome
St Agilus
Bl Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster
St Arsenius the Hermit
St Boniface of Hadrumetum
St Bononius of Lucedio
Bl Bronislava of Poland
Bl Edward Shelley
Bl Ero di Armenteira
Bl Eustáquio van Lieshout
St Fantinus of San Mercurius
St Felix of Rome
St Fiacre
St Gaudentia of Rome
Bl Giovanni Giovenale Ancina
Bl John Roche
St Loarn
St Margaret Ward
Bl María Rafols-Bruna
St Narcisa de Jesus Martillo Moran
St Pammachius
St Pelagius the Hermit
St Peter of Trevi
Bl Riccardo of Lotaringia
Bl Richard Flower
Bl Richard Leigh
Bl Richard Martin
St Rumon of Tavistock
Sylvanus the Hermit
St Thecla of Hadrumetum
St Theodosius of Oria
Bl Yusuf Nehme

Martyrs of Colonia Suffetulana – 60 saints: A group of 60 Christians martyred for destroying a statue of Hermes.
They were martyred in Colonia Suffetulana, Africa.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
Blessed José Ferrer Adell
Blessed Manuel Medina Olmos
Blessed Vicente Cabanes Badenas
Martyrs of Barranco del Chisme (Spanish Civil War) – 10 beati:
• Blessed Alberto José Larrazábal Michelena
• Blessed Antonio María Arriaga Anduiza
• Carles Canyes Santacana
• Blessed Caterina Margenat Roura
• Diego Ventaja Milán
• Blessed Eleuterio Angulo Ayala
• Blessed Josefa Monrabal Montaner
• Manuel Medina Olmos
• Blessed Maria Dolores Oller Angelats
• Blessed Nicasio Romo Rubio