Novena to St Dominic – DAY SIX – 4 August

Novena to St Dominic

Sixth Day: Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and the Mother of God

How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord of hosts!   My soul yearns and pines for the courts of the Lord. My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.   Even the sparrow finds a home and the swallow a nest in which she puts her young by your altars, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God! (Psalms 84:2-4)

The Eucharist and the Mother of God were objects of Dominic’s special devotion.   Before the tabernacle he spent his nights, finding there rest after his labours;  and arriving weary and foot sore from a journey, he always visited the Blessed Sacrament before refreshing his body.   However much fatigued, he always celebrated Mass and if possible sang it.   During the celebration of Mass tears were often seen flowing down his face, moving all to devotion.

Of God’s Mother he was always an ardent and reverent lover.   His life, his work, his Order were placed under her protection, and he invoked her in every difficulty and danger.   He began the custom of saying the Hail Mary before preaching.   The Blessed Mother filled him with heavenly favors, watched over him with motherly care and gave him the habit of his Order.   A tradition cherished in his Order and supported by the testimonies of many popes, ascribes to him the first teaching of devotion to the recitation of the Rosary.   His disciples were called “Friars of Mary” and have carried her Rosary and scapular to the uttermost parts of the earth.

I myself am the bread of life.   No one who comes to me shall ever be hungry, and no one who believes in me shall ever thirst. (John 6:35)

I am the mother of fair love, and of fear, and of knowledge, and of holy hope.   In me is all grace of the way and of the truth, in me is all hope of life and of virtue.   Come to me, all you that desire me, and be filled with my goodness. (Sirach 24: 18; John 14:6)

Pray for us, blessed father, St. Dominic, That we may be made worthy of the prom­ises of Christ.

Let us pray:

O most blessed father, St. Dominic,
who loved our Lord Jesus Christ
in the most perfect manner
and served Mary, His Virgin Mother,
with most fervent devotion,
pray for us, your children,
that we may ever grow in love
of the Sacrament of the Altar,
and that, next to God,
we may at all times trust in the protection
of the Queen of Heaven,
so that at the hour of death
we may be received by her into heaven
and ever abide under the mantle of her love.
We pray that we may grow
in love and devotion
for our Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist
and attach ourselves, with unfailing confidence,
to His Holy Mother’s protection.
We ask too Holy St Dominic,
that our prayers and yours,
may draw back those
who have lapsed from the one, true faith
and for this our special intention …
(make your request)
Through Christ our Lord. Amen




NOVENA in Honour of and preparation for, the Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord – Day Eight – 4 August

NOVENA Transfiguration of our Lord – Day Eight – 4 August

Explanation of this Novena here:

The Revelation of Christ’s Divine Glory

Eighth Day:  Our Courage in Your Shining Face!

The Transfiguration of the Lord is one shining moment in the life of the apostles that prepares them for the trials ahead.   Peter, James and John experience the glory in the mountain of Transfiguration.
This is a foretaste of the glory that will be theirs in the Father’s kingdom
and it will help them survive with courage the “terrible” days when Jesus undergoes His passion and death
and when they themselves are persecuted in His name.

Let us Pray:

O Christ,
upon the mountaintop
You let the light of Your face
shine over Moses and Elijah.
Peter, James and John.
Shine Your Face upon Your Church,
that we may persevered with courage
and zeal to live for the glory of Your Kingdom.
We ask You too to bless Your people
who call on Your name,
as they strive to reach You
in Your kingdom of light and life. Amen




The Feast Day of the Patron of Parish Priests – 4 August – St John Vianney the Curé of Ars

When Pope Benedict XVI announced a special Year for Priests to be observed in the Church (June 19, 2009 — June 19, 2010), he noted that the timing was not arbitrary. The year coincides, he said, with the 150th anniversary of the death of St. John Vianney, “a true example of a pastor at the service of Christ’s flock.”

It is, therefore, appropriate that we pray for all our priests today:

Gracious and loving God, we thank your for the gift of our priests.
Through them, we experience your presence in the sacraments.

Help our priests to be strong in their vocation.
Set their souls on fire with love for your people.

Grant them the wisdom, understanding, and strength they need to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.
Inspire them with the vision of your Kingdom.

Give them the words they need to spread the Gospel.
Allow them to experience joy in their ministry.

Help them to become instruments of your divine grace.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns as our Eternal Priest.


St John Vianney, pray for all our priests!

prayer for priests

st john vianney pray for our priests

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Thought for the Day – 4 August

Thought for the Day – 4 August

The people were careless about practicing their faith, so they were not happy with this priest who was eager to draw them back to God and Christian living. Some caused trouble by lying about John, by acting violently against him and by refusing to cooperate with him. They hoped that he would give up and leave. Instead, Father Vianney increased his prayers, fasting, and penances.
Gradually, people came to celebrate the sacraments and listen to his homilies. Within a few years, Father Vianney was spending 10–16 hours a day in the confessional. People from all over France and other countries came to consult him. The government built a railroad line to Ars to accommodate all the pilgrims. Father Vianney just continued his hard, yet simple, way of prayer, fasting and penance. He was strict with his parishioners but a hundred times stricter with himself. John gave away his furnishings, his belongings and the gifts of clothes and food that the neighbours brought him. Once he received a black velvet cape as an award and sold it to buy food for those who were poor.

Indifference toward religion, coupled with a love for material comfort, seem to be common signs of our times. A person from another planet observing us would not likely judge us to be pilgrim people, on our way to somewhere else. St John Vianney on the other hand, was a man on a journey, with his goal before him at all times – if he could overcome all obstacles, so can we!

St John Vianney, pray for us!

st john vianney pray for us 2

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Quote/s of the Day – 4 August

Quote/s of the Day – 4 August

“You must accept your cross.   If you bear it courageously, it will carry you to heaven.”

you must accept your cross

“Here is the rule for everyday life.
Do not do anything which you cannot offer to God.”

here is a rule

“The priest is not a priest for himself – he is for you.
After God, the priest is everything.”

the priest is not a priest for himself

“It is by battles against hell
and by resistance to temptations,
that we give God proofs of our love.”

It is by battles against hell - st john vianney

“His look rests on you alone.”

his look rests on you alone - st john vianney

“The sign of the cross
is the most terrible weapon
against the devil.
Thus the Church wishes not only,
that we have it continually
in front of our minds,
to recall to us
just what our souls are worth
and what they cost Jesus Christ
but also that we should make it
at every juncture ourselves:
when we go to bed,
when we awaken during the night,
when we get up,
when we begin any action,
and, above all,
when we are tempted.”

the sign of the cross - st john vianney

“The Devil writes down our sins –
our Guardian Angel all our merits.
Labour that the Guardian Angel’s book may be full
and the Devil’s empty.”

the devil writes down our sins - st john vianney

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One Minute Reflection – 4 August

One Minute Reflection – 4 August

Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will exalt you…..James 4:10

REFLECTION – “Humility is like a pair of scales: the lower one side falls, the higher rises the other.   Let us humble ourselves like the Blessed Virgin and we shall be exalted.”………St John Vianney

humility is like a pair of scales-st john vianney

PRAYER – Lord God, light of the faithful and shepherd of souls, who gave blessed John Vianney to Your Church to feed Your flock by his teaching and form them by his example, grant that by his intercession, we may keep the faith which he taught and follow in the way he walked, through our Lord Jesus Christ, in union with the Holy Spirit. St John Vianney, pray for us, amen.

st john vianney pray for us

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Our Morning Offering – 4 August

Our Morning Offering – 4 August

I love You, O my God
St John Vianney (1786-1859)

I love You, O my God.
My only desire is to love You, until the last breath of my life.
I love You, O infinitely loveable God
and I prefer to die loving You,
rather than to live for an instant without You.
I love You, O my God
and I desire only to go to heaven,
to have the happiness of loving You perfectly.
I love You, O my God
and my only fear is to go to hell
because one will never have the sweet solace of loving You there.
O my God, if my tongue cannot say at all times that I love You,
at least I want my heart to repeat it to You as many times as I breathe.
Ah! Do me the grace: to suffer while loving You,
to love You while suffering.
And, that when I die: I not only will love You
but experience it in my heart.
I beg You that the closer I come to my final end,
You will increase and perfect my love for You. Amen